The time when Lulzim Basha is dragging Sali Berisha

3 Maj 2021, 16:32, English CNA
The time when Lulzim Basha is dragging Sali Berisha

One week after losing the election, what is expected from public opinion is the reaction of Lulzim Basha. Will he resign and behave like a leader, recognizing the result, or will he remain hostage to the chairman?s chair, and therefore stay at the head of the DP, dragging the militants and Sali Berisha himself?

Today, the DP needs to open up, change and unite, and not drag on by Lulzim Basha. Today he is a name that means nothing to anyone. After 16 years, DP has been left with only one offer Luli, Luli, Luli. Is it not shameful for a party that has a 30-year history, that from the offer Sali Berisha has degraded to the offer Luli Basha, but from Sali Berisha himself?

This no longer makes any sense not only politically, but also for Albanians, and therefore does not bring growth and victory. In 2005 the offer of the Policy Orientation Committee was Luli Basha. Thus, Basha became Minister of Transport, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Interior.

So the government was turned into a school for Luli Basha, and in every ministry it was accompanied by scandals. Further Basha as mayor of Tirana was a disaster, then as chairman of the DP he was a loser, divisive, complexed and small-minded.

Then again Luli Basha as party chairman, because he needed a second chance to become Prime Minister. And today, after the next loss, will he be the offer of DP for tomorrow as well? Isn?t it a shame that today the DP doesn?t have names that can really compete, unite and open the party?

The truth of this political situation begins on July 22, 2013, with the lack of elections and real competition in the DP. For those elections there is one responsible. That massacre within the DP was caused by Sali Berisha and not Lulzim Basha.

Luli Basha bought only votes with money and jobs in the municipality. Basha lost that race, but Berisha split the DP, just to make Luli Basha chairman. Luli Basha manipulated for the second time the elections within the party. He didn?t need Berisha. It was enough that this latter defends him publicly, and now he is dragging him to keep Basha at the head of the DP.

And here we are today. Berisha is supporting him again and keeping as chairman. So he has as a project Luli Basha, who announced the victory on Sunday, on Monday he said that the ballot boxes where the DP had received the majority of votes had not been counted yet, and on Tuesday he said they stole and bought the votes.

But where it was Luli Basha at that time? How can you move forward, or grow by accusing Democrats and Albanians of being sold. Why didn?t Basha convince them with the offer of the opposition, so that they would not be sold to the majority?

Why did he not manage to amass a mountain of votes, so that neither buying nor selling votes could reverse the victory that in fact never happened. For Luli Basha, these are just excuses to drag the DP and the Democrats. But in this process, he is dragging Sali Berisha himself, precisely by a man who has to leave the leadership of the Democratic Party.

And if this spirit and behavior continues, the citizens are not without eyes and ears. They are seeing, hearing and analyzing everything. It seems that someone is experimenting with the DP, doing the same thing with the same person, and expects to get different results. Albanians have understood, now the one who is doing the next experiment with the Democratic Party must also understand. In the end, Lulzim Basha and Sali Berisha, the first being a worthless instrument already in someone else?s hand, and the second who is trying to introduce it as a new product when that product has expired, is simply assuring since today Edi Rama?s 4th mandate./CNA.al

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