Meta-Basha, the “martyrs” of April 25/They left aside the scythes and garden forks and started the war

5 Maj 2021, 15:45, English CNA
Meta-Basha, the “martyrs” of April 25/They left aside the scythes

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, could not detach himself from the politics of the day, even during the homages held in honor of the Martyrs of the Fatherland. From the Martyrs? Cemetery, Meta has not given up his calls for freedom.

?This is the day to commit to do much more for Albanian citizens to enjoy the freedoms that belong to them in their homeland, for Albania to have the place it deserves in the EU, and especially for young people to have a future. Europeans in their country?- said Meta.

So Meta, like the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has a war in his head. A war they invented after being ?martyred? on April 25. Ilir Meta?s SMI managed to get only four seats, out of 19 it had won in the last parliamentary elections.

The results showed that more than a failure, it was a bankruptcy of the SMI of Ilir Meta. In this failure, Meta attracted also the Democratic Party and Lulzim Basha, with the coalition that Monika Kryemadhi signed with them. ?The drowned drowns you?-say a proverb.

And so it happened. The SMI, which had long begun to weaken and weaken with the mass departure of leaders, members, MPs, ?dipped? deeper and deeper the DP, leaving it in the Opposition.

Meta can not swallow up the SMI collapse. So he comes out says that today more than ever we must commit to freedom. But Albania is not at war, it has simply held parliamentary elections, a normal procedure as in any other country in the world, where the SMI has come out with only four seats.

Albania held elections, which Meta, under the costume of the President of the Republic appreciated, despite calls for rebellion, cutting off hands and sharpening scythes and garden forks. Statements which were supported by Lulzim Basha and his people.

He has already set aside scythes and garden forks, and comes out and gives us lectures on freedom, while the majority has demanded his removal from the post of President, arguing that he has violated the Constitution, before, during and after the election campaign.

On the other hand, Basha cannot justify the loss and failure, and goes out saying that the war has just begun. Meanwhile, rumors within the DP are increasing about his removal from the leadership of the Democratic Party.

The pair of ?martyrs? of April 25, Meta-Basha, are persistently looking to hold their chairs, while both have been humiliated, as they promised resignations in case of loss, and haven?t yet given them./CNA.al

Meta-Basha, ?dëshmorët? e 25 Prillit/ Lanë kosat e sfurqet dhe nisën luftën


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