The dignity of Sali Berisha and the dignity of the Democrats

27 Maj 2021, 17:22, English CNA

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha received a public ?punishment? from the US State Department. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that Berisha and his family had been declared non-grata in the United States.

This decision was not unexpected, as it was discussed in political and media circles, that Berisha had been denied a visa to travel to the United States. Berisha publicly stated that there are no allegations of corruption against him and his family, and that he would sue Blinken for defamation in a neutral court in France.

This is because his dignity has been violated, and because a man lives for his dignity. Berisha?s attitude was a completely normal reaction. Not only personal, but also political. Because he will not accept that at his age his entire political career will be compromised.

But what about the dignity of Democrats? Where is the dignity of the almost 700.000 ridiculed Democrats in these 8 years? It is a good thing that Sali Berisha has dignity, but do have dignity the Democrats?

They are being humiliated every day by Lulzim Basha, who has just lost the election for the fourth time, and comes out and tells people that change will happen. There cannot two truths. Either Rama stole the election, or the DP won them. When the facts are very clear:the elections were lost by Lulzim Basha by a margin of almost 120.000 votes with the Socialist Party.

Apart from the latest failure, are the 2019 local elections that were boycotted, the burning of MP mandates, the 2017 elections, where the DP registered a catastrophic result with only 450.000 votes at the national level. Or the loss of 2013, where a serious responsibility bears exactly Basha, at that time mayor of Tirana, and leader of the campaign in the region of Tirana.

Where is the dignity of the Democrats in these 8 years, or even of the voters of the Democratic Party? Isn?t it ridiculous to talk about the dignity of Sali Berisha, an individual, and to forget the dignity of the almost 100.000 members that has had the Democratic Party, with the electoral farces that have taken place in this party?

With the interference and destruction of the 2013 elections in the Basha-Olldashi race? Is not insulting the 2017 race, with a rival as Eduard Selami ?! A severe distortion of the vote. Why there is no talk of losing the April 25 election. Why did he run in the elections with a coalition divided into 2 parts?

Why were the candidates for MP nominated so late? Why the branches of DP hasn?t been organized in the last 8 years? Where is the dignity of the majority of Democratic Party members? Sali Berisha talks about himself, about his dignity.

But he doesn?t say a word about the dignity of the people who loved and voted for the Democratic Party. He doesn?t say a single word about the loss of Lulzim Basha. He just keeps quiet and speaks only whenever Lulzim Basha has problems.

And now that Sali Berisha has problems himself, Lulzim Basha is silent, as he is convinced that he will be re-elected at the head of the Democratic Party. Berisha doesn?t talk about the dignity of ordinary democrats, nor about the desecration that Lulzim Basha has done to them.

This whole situation is painful for Democrats. No one can mock them anymore in such a disgusting way.

Telling them for the fourth time that the elections were stolen and bought by Edi Rama, without presenting a single fact and proof. Even in those regions where manipulation is alleged. Berat and Durrës clearly showed that the ballot boxes were clean. There was no distortion of the result.

So Berisha shows us that he has dignity, and that the Americans are punishing him unjustly, while the Democrats don?t have dignity. They should make fun of and laugh at the latter. They should lie to them, telling them that Lulzim Basha should be kept at the helm of the party again, because the change will come, and that he is the future of the Democratic Party. But who is the most important dignity, the personal one of Sali Berisha, or that of the Albanians and Democrats?!/CNA.al

Dinjiteti i Berishës dhe dinjiteti i demokratëve


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