Lulzim Basha “disappears” the membership of DP/His rivals cannot get the lists of those who will vote on June 13

25 Maj 2021, 14:08, English CNA
Lulzim Basha “disappears” the membership of DP/His rivals cannot get

The Democratic Party is expected to hold elections on June 13 for the new chairman of this political force, where in the race are 4 candidates:Lulzim Basha, Edith Harxhi, Agron Shehaj and Fatbardh Kadilli. Beyond the fact that the race that is taking place is not at all democratic and not on equal terms, as Lulzim Basha is running while still holding the post of chairman, while he has appointed Jemin Gjana as chairman of the election commission, there is another detail.

Lulzim Basha has ?disappeared? the members of the Democratic Party. 

CNA.al has provided a document, which shows that Basha refuses to make available to the rival candidates the full list of DP membership.

The absurdity goes even further, where the request of the candidates to have the membership list available, the Secretary General of the DP, Gazment Bardhi has responded that he is confidential and cannot be made available to third parties.

So Lulzim Basha himself, who is also a candidate to be re-elected, has this list, while he

calls third parties the other rival candidates, and they cannot have it. Maybe Bardhi doesn?t

know, or there is an order from Lulzim Basha to ?disappear” the membership. Only he can give this answer.

But the name, surname and branch where votes each DP member, are nor personal data. They are party members, they are part of an organization that operates freely inside and outside the territory. It is not a subversive lodge that intends to organize a coup, and for this reason the names of the members must be kept secret.

Each member of the DP has given his personal data in function of the party activity, to have communications with the structures, for announcements of meetings or forwarding of messages. The campaign for chairman is one of the main activities of a party. Why only in this case cannot be used the members?personal data?

So those who will lead the Democratic Party tomorrow, cannot have the personal data of the Democrats? Are political convictions a personal data? Yes, they are party members, and with this act they have made public their support for a certain political group.

Not only that, but they have also expressed their willingness to help the party achieve its political goals. The facts speak for themselves, and clearly show that Lulzim Basha is developing all scenarios, in order not to have a democratic process and a fair competition within the party./CNA.al



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