All the shadows of Agron Shehaj

10 Maj 2021, 12:57, English CNA
All the shadows of Agron Shehaj

Agron Shehaj, is a character introduced to politics from the business world. A success story, called Lulzim Basha in 2017, stating that Shehaj was different from the others. In fact, after 4 years in politics, today Shehaj is seen as a rival of Basha for the leader of the Democratic Party, although in the race against Luli Basha he wouldn?t get even his vote, because Basha has a habit of voting and counting himself.

But let us analyze a little this man, who entered the parliament as a comic character, and with his special voice seeks to make a political career at high levels. In Albanian politics he entered through the window as a popular proverb says. Shehaj had no contribute to the Democratic Party, and became an MP simply because she agreed to fund

Lulzim Basha?s campaign. In this way Agron Shehaj received the mandate of deputy as the first in the list of Vlora region. At that time there were accusations of payment by Shehaj of a sum of 500-700 thousand dollars, but these accusations remain as always in the context of political clashes within the genre. Shehaj went to the parliament, where he made laugh the children and the adults with the mistakes and nonsense that he articulated in the rostrum of the parliament.

He was then used by Basha in a suspicious denunciation such as the Great Ring Road project in Tirana. We say suspicious, because the denunciation of Agron Shehaj happened after various man of Luli Basha went to different institutions and entities seeking their share of the profit.

So a story of fines that was followed by a denunciation, which served as an advertisement for Shehaj as an MP with integrity. In fact, with his candidacy in Vlora Agron Shehaj sealed the biggest electoral failure of the DP in history in this region. Shehaj received only 3 seats and 20 percent of the total votes.
In 4 years as an MP, he never appeared on the side of the structures, or to deal with the re-establishment of the opposition. He was just a tourist, no one took him seriously in the DP of Vlora, as they didn?t consider him as their representative, but simply as an MP with a ?purchased? mandate.

After registering a catastrophic result in Vlora, Lulzim Basha brought it to Tirana. The replacement was made with Bujar Leskaj. The latter didn?t have Agron Shehaj?s money,
but increased the result by 50 percent, going to almost 33 percent and securing 4 seats.

So, this clearly shows that Shehaj had failed. In Tirana, due to great financial opportunities, he tried to raise another image. But how much influence will have a Vlora man in the capital, who doesn?t have the courage to re-run in Vlora? He was sixth on the list of sure winners, and thanks to dizzying expenses he was able to secure many personal votes.

And this is thanks to the attempt to show the citizens the image of a civilized politician. But in fact the facade often lies. Shehaj?s political shadows and failures, cannot be covered by the call center, or the comments on social networks that he uses for treatment of his image.

A decision of several years ago by the Competition Authority, signed by the first of the Shkodra list, Helidon Bushati, shows a lot about the shadows of Agron Shehaj.

Let stop here as an introduction with the shadows of Agron Shehaj, to go deeper in the future with this character with the image pumped up, but in fact in the political aspect his shadows sink his image./CNA.al


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