Facts and figures/ Invalid votes refute the claims of the Democratic Party

7 Maj 2021, 16:02, English CNA

It has been 12 days since the April 25 parliamentary elections, when the Socialist Party won the third term with 74 seats to govern the country. After the defeat, the Democratic Party, which managed to get only 59 seats, is making various claims trying to justify its failure.

Lulzim Basha is seeking the alibi of losing to the invalid votes, lying to the Democrats that they allegedly won. But even invalid votes don?t make winner the DP, even if they are recounted, at least in the 5 main regions of the country.

At the national level there are 1.578.00 valid votes and 83.000 invalid votes. CNA.al brings to the readers a detailed analysis of invalid votes in some regions, based on the official data published by the CEC. Let?s analyze them one by one.

In Tirana, the difference between SP and DP is about 44.000 votes, where according to the CEC 18.000 votes are invalid.

The difference is huge, and taking as a reference an average percentage of invalid votes 50 to 50, they don?t produce any additional mandate for the DP.

In Elbasan, the difference between SP and DP is 29.000 votes. 9.771 votes are invalid, where for 66 votes the SP gets the ninth mandate.

The probability of an invalid vote is close to the percentage won by the political force, and this means that in many regions there are no surprises.

In Fier region, the difference between SP and DP is 27.000 votes in favor of SP. There are currently 9.300 invalid votes. Here too, it seems that from the difference of the parties in the race, there is no additional mandate for the DP.

In Durrës, the difference is 16.500 votes, where the Socialist Party is again in advantage. 7808 votes are invalid. The DP aims for the SMI to receive a mandate from the SP. But for this SMI needs 2.300 more votes, while there was no contestation during the vote counting process.

In Berat, the difference between the two major parties is 19.000 votes in favor of the SP.

The DP demands the reopening of the ballot boxes in the hope that the SMI, ie Ardit Çela, will get his mandate, which he can get for almost 300 more votes.

In Korça, the difference between SP and PD is 10.000 votes, where the Socialist Party leads again. 7.375 votes are invalid.

The SMI needs another 1.000 thousand votes to get an additional mandate from the SP. But this is impossible.

The only disputes in the count are between the candidates within the DP-Alliance for Change coalition, as the counters stole each other?s votes. So with a simple analysis falls the legend that invalid votes will overturn the result./CNA.al

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