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Drunk, sent threatening messages?/ Why Ilir Meta doesn’t hand over his phone to SPAK

9 Maj 2021, 10:32, English CNA
Drunk, sent threatening messages?/ Why Ilir Meta doesn’t hand over his

On April 29, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, sounded the alarm that his phone number had been hacked, and through him they had sent threatening messages to other persons, mainly SMI candidates in the last elections.

Meta issued a statement to the media his spokesman, Tedi Blushi, who stated that has been an interference in the personal number of the head of state, and through him the citizens were threatened with messages. ?For this criminal scandal of misuse of the number of the President of the Republic, will be required an immediate and international investigation.

If our institutions were functional, no one would dare to commit such crazy and legally punishable acts, which could seriously endanger the national security of the Republic of Albania, a NATO member country? – declared Blushi.

Meta accuses the mobile company, with the claim that according to the data provided by him, the manipulated messages were sent from the message center of the telephone company.

But in fact this accusation doesn?t stand, as it can be easily found who sent the SMS.

First the telephone company can identify the information in the cells, ie in the antennas that transmit the signal. Second, everything can be verified by phone. But, is Ilir Meta ready to go and hand over his mobile phone to SPAK?

He has not taken this action so far. It has been satisfied only with accusations, while it hasn?t taken any concrete steps to uncover the truth. So, so far from the President of the Republic we heard words and only words. But when you make accusations, you have the obligation to give some more evidence, or to show your will that it is not a lie.

If Ilir Meta?s phone has been hacked, and someone has misused his number by sending SMS to other persons, the verification is very easy. And there is no need for Meta to release his speech to the media, but to show that he is ready to cover this event, and to inform the public opinion.

In this case the first step is to hand over his phone to SPAK. After all, it should be investigated in the first place the real possibility that Ilir Meta himself sent these messages. During the election campaign he did many actions that called into question his mental health.

It was rumored that he drinks a lot of alcohol day and night, and when he saw the disastrous results of the SMI election, he was probably drunk and upset and out of anger, when threatened and cursed various people.

Now, in principle, everyone is forgiven for these actions, especially in the degraded situation by our desolate President. He also stipulates in the Constitution that he is not responsible for what he does. But the accusations he made publicly 10 days ago, cannot remain as noisy fireworks for public opinion. Therefore, Ilir Meta must take his phone to SPAK to prove his accusation. Does he have the will to do this?/CNA.al

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