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The shadows that follow from behind Grida Duma

16 Maj 2021, 09:09, English CNA
The shadows that follow from behind Grida Duma

In her last TV appearance, the star of the losses in the Democratic Party, Grida Duma, spoke for a long time, laughed, claimed the victory of Luli Basha, but left open many questions that citizens expect to receive answers.

About her connection to the Artan Santo case, the Salianji-G.D video scandal in Parliament, her bargaining with Basha, or her service to the Rama-Basha agreement. There are still no journalists with integrity to ask Grida about these facts, but even if they did, she would never go to the studio with them, as it is the shadows that haunt her career.

Grida Duma didn?t say a single word on Friday about the Rama-Basha agreement of 2017, when the DP took half of the government and all institutions, and stated that it had guaranteed free and fair elections, exactly when the family of the DP leader received 16 million euros with a quick court decision.

The Duma has never spoken about this agreement. Sometimes she stretches out as if criticizing Basha, to show that she has a distance from him. In fact, the shadows that follow Duma, have simply become a tool of Luli Basha. Duma didn?t talk about how the lists for MPs were drafted in 2017, nor that how the DP was divided with the last list in 2021, or even the candidates for the 2015 local elections.

She didn?t say a single word about the clashes and the fight against the base and the destruction of the structures, during the alleged selection of candidates for deputies and the disqualification of many of them by a vetting commission, which in the end Luli Basha

didn?t ask at all.

She didn?t even talk about the scandalous decision to boycott the local elections in 2019, which came after the handing over of the mandates of the deputies. Grida Duma did not even talk about the erotic scandal with Salianji in Parliament in 2018 in the parliament hall.

But Duma didn?t talk about another issue, that of the murder of banker Artan Santo. We recall here the statement of the former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri, who in the show Opinion on TV Klan, told Grida that she knows quite well how he works.

The day the murder took place, Grida Duma was in Saimir Tahiri?s office for many hours. What was the reason? She was accompanied by former Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, as she had previously gone to Edi Rama.

So it turns out that she also has a connection with Edi Rama, just like Lulzim Basha. And only they know the secret bargains. So Grida Duma has to talk about much more important issues than those with which she seeks to attract media attention, as the shadows that follow her obscure them all./CNA.al


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