Analysis/ DP in regression, why Albania has lost the right

17 Maj 2021, 16:48, English CNA
Analysis/ DP in regression, why Albania has lost the right

It now seems that the political scene in Albania doesn?t have a right and a left, as is the case in the West where the parties are divided on principles, social democracy, conservatives, family, god, property, taxes, etc. It is clear that in Albania we will have only one center spectrum and political left.

This was officially confirmed yesterday by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, who in fact showed that the right in Albania no longer exists, and it probably never existed, but was only seen as a hope by a certain caste of people.

Once upon a time there was a genuine conservative party with a capitalist profile. But with what happened recently within the DP, where the loser of the election does not resign, where are violated the basic principles of democracy, where the vote is stolen inside the house, there is no real right and left to face each other.

Albania has been left with an amalgam of political forces, which are simple and only adversaries as two football teams. Such is the case of Albania. The right has been stolen in Albania. It remains only the left. Today in Albania there is no right wing, and this can be said with certainty.

But who is the thief of the right? If his name is Sali Berisha, Lulzim Basha, or he has another name, it does not matter. With its behavior, with its profile, with its approach to politics, the Democratic Party is no longer a right wing party. It is a party taken hostage by an individual for 8 years, who doesn?t resign, and who is afraid to hole fair elections within the party.

For this, it is enough to remember that the symbol of this party in the elections always remains Jemin Gjana. Or that the General Secretary of this party has received only 3 thousand votes, and his name is Gazmend Bardhi. Or to think that the socialist Kastriot Islami also militates in this right-wing party.

Without forgetting the fact that in terms of media its symbol is Çlirim Peka. And so on, endless disappointments, not only with the presence of many incompetents, former communists with a sectarian mentality in this party, but also with a disgusting servility that does not stop. In fact, Lulzim Basha never disappoints. He told us he no longer has the right either. Someone had hope, maybe I was one of them. With the idea that there should be a right wing, which would stop the rematch of the left. To be a governing alternative, where there were some conservative principles. But, apparently that hope is dead. It died because the right has some principles and the DP had to have some of its foundations which it had to maintain.

But they have crumbled, and the right wing has been stolen. It was stolen because when was founded the Democratic Party, the former political persecuted by the communist dictatorship earned nothing, only a small amount of money, even though they had suffered for almost 45 years.

The DP didn?t return property to those robbed by the communist regime. This was once the main columns of the right wing. So the former persecuted and the owners, the foundations of the Democratic Party have been abandoned. Yesterday?s students, protagonists of the movement that brought the collapse of the communist regime and the proclamation of pluralism, are no longer part of Democratic Party.

Even if we analyze another issue, such as that of the family, we see that the DP is approaching LGBT, as in the last elections it had them as supporters. Another important pillar of the Democratic Party has been European integration. But today the DP is no longer a European party.

With what is happening to her internal elections, she is the party of an individual, who as long as it is stolen, wrinkled, will remain a political force with an approach to the center, and closer to the left, in the interest of someone whose dreams of becoming Prime Minister is killing what is left of the Albanian right.

There cannot be no right-wing political force with a communist behavior as Lulzim Basha?s party has today. Which is ready to do everything to stop Albania?s steps towards Europe, only and only for Basha to survive as chairman of this party./Elvi FUNDO-CNA.al


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