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Fatos Nano lies/ Ilir Meta has no sin

7 Shkurt 2021, 19:18, English CNA
Fatos Nano lies/ Ilir Meta has no sin

Former Prime Minister Fatos Nano, the historical leader of the socialists, and the man who

is obsessed with the dream of becoming president, caused a lot of debate after a media appearance after more than 12 years. In fact, he discovered that even those he had taken with torn plastic boots and made them dignified people. But he had failed, because in the end they were attacking him for the fact that he didn?t attack Edi Rama.

But Nano targeted Berisha and Meta. The first imprisoned him, the second expelled him from politics. Both were the most attacked characters, but for Ilir Meta, Fatos Nano said that he had all seven sins of the Bible. Who are the 7 sins? According to the Bible 7 sins are these:








Fatos Nano should know that Ilir Meta doesn?t have any of this 7 sins. For what is written in the Bible cannot be for Meta. He is not a sinner. For this it is enough to ask his closest collaborators, or even his wife Monika, who humorously tells his sins, and understands the truth.

Meta is not a proud man. But says that he is like no other, and without him nothing can be done. That he defeated Sali Berisha, and he has no problem beating Edi Rama. He never talks about how good he is, and how much he values himself.

He has not paid for years because he has always been in power. But when he does, ask for debts and doesn?t repay them, that does not mean that he is stingy.And what he could give, he is poor and desolate! For matters of lust they include him in vain.

The pink stories, according to which Monika has pulled out the hair of various public figures, are already old. Now Ilir Meta has no lust, but the expression of lust. Even age stimulates her a lot. No guilt, he is an entire life with Mona!

Meanwhile, there is no anger in Ilir Meta. He just shouts and screams, breaks phones. It is said that in one case he shot Petrit Vasili with a tobacco ashtray. But Vasili doesn?t hold a grudge, and says that it was an act of love and not angry.

Ilir is not even envious. On the contrary, he is seeing people who are richer than him, Meta just invites them to share the money with him. Most of all, he is upset when he sees that Irfan Hysenbelliu meets very often and stays more with Luli Basha.

Nor is he lazy. Works hard, all his life in state chairs and offices. Once obese as a piggy, but now spent more time in clubs and get drunk with Çim Peka, than in the president?s office. For example, he is not lazy at all, when he has to take a lot of money from a businessman, as a form of bargaining with Edi Rama.

Greed has nothing to do with Ilir Meta either. They say he goes crazy for gold, and aims to grab what see his eyes and hear his hears. It wants simply to be a bit like a kind of Sheikh and Sultan in Albania. That is why Fatos Nano speaks in vain, when he talks about the 7 sins of the Bible that has Ilir Meta.

Meta doesn?t even betray anyone. He is an unprecedented loyalist, doesn?t sell friends, doesn?t spy, does not do intrigue, is honest and very sincere. Meta has many virtues and not the 7 sins of the Bible. There is no place for sin in Ilir Meta soul. They are for the people, while he himself is a Devil./CNA.al

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