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Corruption affair of the century/ When will SPAK wake up for the incinerator scandal?

14 Qershor 2021, 16:21, English CNA
Corruption affair of the century/ When will SPAK wake up for the incinerator

The Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime and Corruption, SPAK, announced today that it has asked the Special Court to confiscate the assets of the citizen Ylli Ndroqi (aka Xhemail Pasmaçiu). It is about 32 properties, apartments, shares, forests, lands, vehicles, businesses, etc.

So everything for his personal activity, where according to the SPAK investigation, it turns out that about 3 million euros from the income of Ylli Ndroqi are legally unjustified. But beyond the salutation that needs to be done on this case, justice institutions need to show that they are not selective, that they are not puppets in the hands of politics, used for clientelistic interests of the moment.

And in case there is one issue that needs to be talked about loudly is that of incinerators.

SPAK should wake up for incinerators. He must complete investigations into allegations of a so-called century-old corruption scandal worth about 400 million euros.

SPAK should wake up after the lawsuits filed by Knitting Initiative, by the Democratic Party, but also in the investigative media, including CNA.al. All of them have proved with facts and documents the corrupt affair of the incinerators, the millions of euros that are paid from the taxes of the Albanians, on behalf of Stela Gugalla, Klodian Zoto or Mirel Mërtiri.

These are the owners of incinerators, who later entered into partnerships with owners and media executives, as is the case with Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi. A clear outline of some businesses that receive money from the government, and then form partnerships with the media, or their executives.

Today is the occasion to wake up the SPAK, and the head of this prosecution, Arben Kraja, who instead of giving a show on issues like that of Ylli Ndroqi, should tell the Albanians that the SPAK is investigating the scandal with incinerators.

Arben Kraja must tell Albanians that SPAK has proven corruption with incinerators, and that it will bring to justice any protagonist of this corrupt affair, be it senior government officials of the Socialist Party, SMI, or corrupt tools of the political system in Albania.

SPAK should wake up to incinerators, as Ylli Ndroqi is not the case of a government corruption. He was not paid from Albanian taxes. Ndroqi is being punished for his personal activity, or even for the accusations that have been made against him in Italy and Turkey, as a person involved in the drug trafficking network.

Incinerators are a theft committed in the offices of the Albanian state, by Albanian officials by Albanian businessmen. We are dealing with a crime with the money of Albanians./CNA.al


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