The “wedding” of Renaissance incinerators with Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha

2 Qershor 2021, 18:32, English CNA

Through a very simple investigation, CNA.al discovered a few days ago a new company that would operate in Albania. Unlike the others, she had quite public and much-discussed names as partners.

Stela Gugalla, the owner of the Elbasan incinerator, who has benefited 22 million euros from a contract with the Albanian government, appeared in partnership with Ben Blushi, the director of Top Channel, and Vjollca Hoxha, one of the shareholders of this television.

Stela Gugallja is accused of winning a clientelistic contract from the government. The opposition has often accused of corruption in connection with the incinerators issue, as its company had no investment funds, but once won a contract it took out a loan at a second-tier bank.

On the other hand, according to media investigations has been revealed Stela Gugalla?s connection with Mirel Mërtiri, the person also called the ?brain? of incinerators. He appears as an administrator in another company, where the cohabitant and mother of his children, Stela Gugalla, is a shareholder with an Italian citizen.

Then they are connected through the network of companies with the incinerator of Fier.

Then Mirel Mërtiri, with his strong ties with Ben Blushi, the director of Top Channel, which includes Klodian Zoto, the other character of the incinerators, start moving with different companies, for the benefit of the national television or their shareholders.

Initially, a company was established in Bulgaria, Em Capital Group, which has as shareholders, Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi’s wife, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto. The latter two have 67 percent of the shares, while Mrs. Blushi has 33 percent. This company comes to Albania and buys for 2.2 million dollars Valtelina Kafe, which bears the trade name Lori Kafe.

It is now official. Top Channel shareholder Vjollca Hoxha is a partner in a business in one of her companies with the people of the incinerators, and the wife of the director of its television. Many people would say that there is nothing wrong with Vjollca Hoxha doing business with Eva Blushi or incinerators.

Definitely yes, but for any kind of legitimate business, and in case there are no abuses’ theft, tax evasion and others. But how could it be normal for a television owner to partner with a company accused by the opposition, not only of links to the government, but also with these people that have been able to secure some 178 million euro contracts from the state budget, from the taxes of Albanians ?!

Although it may be private, this television is public because it uses public frequencies. Television is the property of the voice of the citizens, of the truth they want to hear. He cannot enter a partnership with companies accused of scandalous violations of the law.

The new company ?KUDOPAY?, has as shareholder Ben Blushi, Stela Gugalla of the incinerator of Elbasan and Vjollca Hoxha himself.

So the government gives money to the owners of the incinerators. Incinerator owners share them in business with media owners. Apparently the 2 companies that CNA.al has discovered, are the ?wedding? of the Renaissance incinerator concession with Ben Blushi and Vjollca Hoxha./CNA.al

“Dasma” e inceneratorëve të Rilindjes me Ben Blushin dhe Vjollca Hoxhën

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