Why should Lulzim Basha still remain at the helm of the Democratic Party?!

30 Maj 2021, 10:16, English CNA
Why should Lulzim Basha still remain at the helm of the Democratic Party?!

After losing the April 25 parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party has entered a race to elect a new leader. A fast, unexpected race, with 4 candidates, where three of them are competing for the first time, and Lulzim Basha for the third time.

Basha is the current chairman of the Democratic Party, despite the recent loss. He is talking about battles, alliances, imaginary wars, dreams of victory and others like these. In fact, as a rule, everywhere in Europe and the world, the loser resigns from the position he holds, and only dictators remain in office.

But, let?s see why we need Lulzim Basha at the head of the DP. We need him at the helm of the party, so that in the next local elections the DP loses again. And that?s for sure. If the DP continues this political behavior and Basha is at the helm of the party, local elections are lost on the table.

This not only for his incompetence, but also for his refusal to participate in the Administrative Reform, carried out by the Socialists, who offered their consensus, but Basha boycotted it. After that boycott, took place a pair of elections, which Basha lost spectacularly.

We need Lulzim Basha to clash with the internationals, and to tell them that Sali Berisha is doing everything, that the latter bear the responsibility. But he will no longer be able to do so.

This is what happened with the Justice Reform, with the 2017 protests under the Tent, with the burning of the MP mandates, with the boycott of the local elections in 2019, and finally the non-recognition of the result of the April 25 elections.

On the one hand, Basha says that he doesn?t recognize the result of the elections because

they were manipulated by Rama. But on the other hand, he is in a hurry to enter the new parliament. And this move shows that the loss is accepted. Meanwhile, Basha must lead the DP to lose the next parliamentary elections.

This is guaranteed. With him at the helm, he will do nothing else but guarantee the longevity of Edi Rama?s power. Maybe Basha hopes that after 12 years, for Edi Rama it will be harder to win, he will be forced to leave, and Basha will be the alternative.

But as long as the alternative to Edi Rama is Lulzim Basha, which has been systematically rejected by the Albanians, there will be no victory for the DP. Whoever thinks differently should only analyze the facts. Basha defeated Rama when he competed for a fourth term

for major of Tirana.

But at the end of the count, Rama had 11 more votes. And it was the recount of the votes cast in the wrong box that gave him the victory. It was Berisha?s strong intervention that turned everything upside down. But later, every pair of elections has shown that the DP has unstoppable contractions and declines.

This time Basha is justified that the DP received 630.000 votes. But within that figure are probably more than 100.000 Allied votes. Without excluding here also individual names, who received personal votes. So, if discount these votes, and analyze the difference between the left and the right, it is deeper than in 2013, when the DP came out in opposition.

And today, in 2021, the DP has fewer votes than the day it left power in 2013, after 8 years of governing. Basha have to lead the DP to show the Albanians, that he knows how to create a family party, and how the latter can be used for completely clientelist and corrupt interests. The facts speak for themselves. Betrayal of the youth of Kukës in their protest against the payment for crossing the National Road.

After he betrayed them, his brother-in-laws took new offices in the premises approached by the oligarch who had won the concession. Other betrayals are the protests of the residents of the New Ring, to those for not demolishing the National Theater. So, the lost causes and betrayals of Lulzim Basha are innumerable.

That is why need Basha for another 4 years at the helm of the Democratic Party, to give the Socialists and Edi Rama another 8 years in power. So Basha is not at the top of the DP to win, but he must stay at the top of the party, to lose. It is enough for him to take the share of profits and increase his wealth./CNA.al

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