The Meta-Kryemadhi file/ The sheikhs’ scandal in front of SPAK

8 Qershor 2021, 19:48, English CNA
The Meta-Kryemadhi file/ The sheikhs’ scandal in front of SPAK

President Ilir Meta and his wife, Monika Kryemadhi, would mark a turning point in justice reform if the latter start to investigate them. Not that we demand it, but it is their corrupt scandals throughout these 30 years of democracy.

All public opinion expects justice to shed light on their wealth, the way they created it, with only a state salary, without having a business or anything else. Or how they educated their children abroad, with only a state salary.

President Meta will be removed from office for repeated violations of the Constitution. But he is also suspected of being involved in corruption, using politics as a springboard. The newest institution of justice reform, the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK, should have started with investigations into allegations of corruption by President Meta and the way he has created his immense wealth.

The Albanians cannot forget his villa in Lalzi Bay with 13 toilets, with a special one for his cat. The images of the villa and the surrounding area, which caused a stir on a TV show, disappeared from circulation and today are not found except for a photo, which was accidentally saved.

If Meta and Kryemadhi had anything to hide, the video of Lalzi Bay villa would not disappear. There should be at least one investigation, to shed light on the dizzying assets of the Meta-Kryemadhi couple, to determine whether it is an asset created with honest work and state salary, or with dubious financial sources.

If we consider here all the scandals of this couple, all the public accusations related to their name, such as the case of the robbery of gold in the State Treasury in Krrabë, the wiretapping of Meta-Prifti and others, their file in SPAK will be voluminous.

Ilir Meta and his wife are 2 people who have no other merit in their lives, except they are involved in politics. They have done nothing else, while living in luxury as sheikhs. There are two people who have been paid from the taxes of Albanians, as MPs, ministers, Prime Ministers, Speaker of the Assembly and as President of the Republic.

So the Albanian citizens have paid with their taxes the luxury of the Meta-Kryemadhi couple, without having any merit. Thanks to citizens? taxes, they have today a dizzying wealth. Albanian citizens have paid with their taxes a deputy Prime Minister who came out with voice and image with a block in his hand talking about bribes of 7 percent.

Citizens?taxes are suspected to have gone to Ilir Meta, for whom on January 21, 2011, 4 people were killed and dozens more were injured on the boulevard ?Nation? Martyrs?. It is suspected that taxes of Albanian citizens went to create Ilir Meta ltd, the Socialist Movement for Integration, that today has gone bankrupt.

Their scandals have no end. And it is SPAK, who has to deal with their investigation. Albanian citizens expect justice from SPAK. The wealth of the head of state, Ilir Meta, at least that declared in HIDAACI, reaches a value of millions of euros. Property, money in the bank, vehicle worth 30.000 euros, land with an area of 1200 m2, contract for an apartment with an area of 317m2./CNA.al

Dosja Meta-Kryemadhi/ Bëmat e sheikëve përballë SPAK-ut

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