Ben Blushi caught in violation of the law/ SPAK must act

6 Qershor 2021, 11:20, English CNA
Ben Blushi caught in violation of the law/ SPAK must act

Justice reform, and the new institutions that emerged from it, have been widely promoted in the media, both by the political class, but especially by foreign ambassadors to our country, as the hope that Albanians will finally find the missing justice.

One of the main institutions emerging from the Justice Reform is the SPAK, the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, for which the expectations of the citizens are high, to have a real action to do ?justice?.

So to investigate corruption, crime of politics, of senior officials, but also organized crime.

But our question to SPAK is: Why is not investigating Ben Blushi? Blushi is a former politician, and today director of a national television. He has been paid for years by the taxes of Albanians in public positions, and the wealth accumulated by him during these years, meets all the criteria to be placed under investigation by SPAK.

CNA.al has often reported about the dizzying wealth of the director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, who even with the coming to power of the Socialist Party seems to have only increased his wealth. A character who came from the world of media, and who later entered politics, managed to increase his fortune by at least 750.000 euros within the last 4 years.

CNA.al has shown with documents that a property with a value 10 times higher has been declared as bought for only 30.000 euros in the center of the city of Korça. CNA.al also reported on Ben Blushi?s partnership with incinerator owners in Albania. The latter, a concession much-accused by the opposition.

First, CNA.al reported on a company established in Bulgaria, called ?Em Capital Group AD?, where co-owners are Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Eva Blushi, Ben Blushi?s wife. Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto have 67 percent of the shares, while Mrs. Blushi has 33 percent.

Later, this company bought in Albania for 2.2 million dollars the company Valtelina Kafe, which bears the trade name Lori Kafe. So, the shareholder of Top Channel, Vjollca Hoxha, is a partner in a business with the people of the incinerators and the wife of the director that she has on her television.

Recently, CNA.al has reported on another company, where Ben Blushi already comes out with his name, as a partner in a new company with the owners of incinerators. It was established a month and a half ago. The owner of Top Channel and Ben Blushi are partners with the owners of the incinerators, ie with those who built the incinerators in Albania not with their own money, but with those of the Albanian taxpayers.

The company is called ?KUDOPAY?, and Ben Blushi has about 16 percent of the shares, Vjollca Hoxha 17 percent, while Stela Gugallja has 67 percent. The latter has been accused by the media and the opposition of winning a clientelistic contract from the government.

The opposition has often accused her of corruption in connection with the incinerators issue, as her company had no money to invest, but once received a contract from the government, applied to a second-tier bank and took out a loan with which has started investing in the construction of the incinerator.

According to media investigations, Stela Gugallja is the cohabitant of Mirel Mërtiri and the mother of his children. So the scheme is quite clear: the government gives money to the owners of incinerators. The latter share them in business with media owners. And if SPAK has ears to hear and eyes to see, the evidences are there. It is enough to have the desire and will to investigate./CNA.al

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