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Exclusive- The scandal: Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians

11 Qershor 2021, 15:13, English CNA
Exclusive- The scandal: Chinese chemical fertilizers for Albanians

A scandal to the point of the unimaginable, involving Albanian government institutions: allowing the introduction to Albania of pesticides from China. Pesticides, which are strictly prohibited as they are not recognized by EU standards.

CNA.al was able to provide official documents and data about a scandal that occurred in the Albanian customs in 2018. In this scandal were involved senior officials, while there was also an investigation by the prosecution.

We will bring the complete file on how the institutions under the Albanian government, allowed the introduction in Albania of thousands of boxes of pesticides for agriculture. Chinese pesticides out of control and out of European Union standard.

According to official sources and data already documented by CNA.al, the process of introducing in Albania of these uncontrolled Chinese pesticides, outside the EU standard, has been done using camouflage a Spanish company.

But in fact the connection of the Spanish company, which could guarantee the quality and standard of the EU, with the Chinese company that brought pesticides to Albania, has not been proven yet. So the truth is that pesticides brought by a Chinese company, were introduced to Albania directly from China.

And although such an act is strictly prohibited by law, as no pesticides or chemical fertilizers can enter Albania from outside the EU, the crime has apparently occurred. CNA.al will bring the documents day after day, showing how the Albanian customs allowed the introduction of banned pesticides in our country.

A scandal involving top state officials and the General Directorate of Customs. CNA.al will bring day by day documents that show how a Chinese company has introduced large quantities of pesticides, which are not of EU standard, and which are not allowed by law in Albania.

So to introduce pesticides in Albania, there will have to be a certification of the European Union standard, but this hasn?t happened. In this case there was also a clash and conflict between officials. There have been ?victims? and ?dismissals?, but not to block the entry of pesticides in Albania, but to favor them.

There is involvement of senior officials, senior leaders of the Albanian government and CNA.al, will bring day after day, document after document on this scandal, which has its origins in 2018, where pesticides from China have entered Albanian territory, and apparently have already been consumed through various foods by Albanian citizens.

For this event, as we mentioned above, there was also an investigation by the prosecution. We will show the details in the coming days. CNA.al has provided information from the Durrës prosecutor?s office. Even the Supreme State Audit, has also started the verification of this scandal, which will be fully clarified by CNA.al./CNA.al

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