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Parliament dismisses Ilir Meta with SMI votes

9 Qershor 2021, 20:05, English CNA
Parliament dismisses Ilir Meta with SMI votes

Ironically, Ilir Meta was dismissed today from the post of President of the Republic with the votes of the deputies of the Socialist Movement for Integration, ie with the votes of those who four years ago, before the 2017 elections, he himself included in the lists of candidates for deputies, and who entered the Parliament, after the decision of Monika Kryemadhi to burn the mandates without the approval of Meta, as stated by the latter.

Despite the fact that how was is it possible that Kryemadhi imposed the burning of mandates of SMI, deputies without the consent of her husband, the dismissal of Ilir Meta from the post of President of the Republic is a consequence of that decision.

Because without the votes of Meta?s party deputies, the majority of Edi Rama wouldn?t be able to get today the 104 votes that dismissed the head of state. And when we talk about the SMI deputies, we are not talking only about Spartak Braho or ?Uncle Taku of the SMI?, nor only about Robert Bitri who had previously left the SMI, but also about Lefter Koka, Edmond Rrushi, Edmond Stojku, Ylli Shehu, Aurora Mara, Enver Roshi, Ediola Braha etc.

Without any remorse for their former boss, the deputies elected 4 years ago by Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, and registered at the CEC with the signature of Petrit Vasili under the SMI logo, were the ones who decided today the fate of Ilir Meta, voting for his dismissal and thus doing a great service to the country and democracy in Albania.

This act happened just one day after the executive order of the US President, Joe Biden, to seize the assets of all corrupt politicians in the Balkans, who with their corruption have seriously endangered the security of the region./CNA.al

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