Facts/ Lulzim Basha “massacres” the Democratic Party, continues to mock the democrats

15 Qershor 2021, 14:14, English CNA
Facts/ Lulzim Basha “massacres” the Democratic Party, continues to

On Sunday, June 13, the Democratic Party held elections for its chairman, where in the race there were 4 candidates, Edith Harxhi, Agron Shehaj, Fatbardh Kadilli and the incumbent Lulzim Basha. After the counting of votes, it turned out that Basha has managed to hold the chair of the chairman of the Democratic Party, but with a number of votes, many times lower than in 2017.

The Election Commission in the Democratic Party has announced that Lulzim Basha has won with 32.882 votes. But there is another detail. Lulzim Basha results in a significant loss of votes, compared to 2017, where he received 58.000 votes.

So even though he managed to retain the chair of the president, the vote of the democrats seems to be a strong ?slap? for Lulzim Basha, as he received about 25.000 votes less than 4 years ago. But since now he cannot be justified again, saying that ?Rama stole the elections?, Basha is trying to further ridicule the democrats, appearing at press conferences and talking about ?extraordinary support?.

In fact, how much the democrats support Lulzim Basha, is already known and proven.

But apparently Lulzim Basha hates the democrats and the Democratic Party. Yesterday in a statement to the media, Basha said among other things:?I want to thank each of you, from the founders to the youngest members, for the most beautiful exercise of democracy within our party, in a unique process thanks to which the Democratic Party once again rises to the height of its name and history?.

In fact, this is another mockery by Lulzim Basha. First, Lulzim Basha himself ?killed? the senators of this party. Secondly, there is nothing democratic left in the DP. As CNA.al reported throughout the campaign, the election process for the DP leader, only democracy didn?t exist.

The election date has been widely criticized, even by the historic leader of the democrats, Sali Berisha. Basha set June 13 as the date for the elections, as not to leave time for rivals to campaign. On the other hand, the whole race took place in unequal conditions.

Basha was competing against 3 other candidates, in one race who was still holding the chair of the mayor, and put at his service the entire DP administration. On the official website of the Democratic Party on social networks, only his meetings in the local branches were published with videos, and not of other candidates.

Moreover, Lulzim Basha hid the membership lists, not making them available to other candidates, and apparently he calls this a ?democratic process?. Further, the lists were reduced, from 103.000 members who were officially declared in 2017, to 75.000 members, ie 28.000 fewer members.

Every detail during the campaign for the DP leader, clearly showed that the race was predetermined, and that Lulzim Basha was preparing a farce process, with the sole purpose of continuing to hold the chair of the DP chairman. In yesterday?s statement, Basha also thanked the commissioners, observers and enumerators.

This gratitude of Basha is sincere, because without their help it would hardly have had this result. It?s enough to mention the case of Durrës, where Lulzim Basha was openly added about 300 votes. Or the case of Berat, where Basha received more votes than the number of voters who voted that day.

All these details show that Basha, who accuses Prime Minister Edi Rama of committing an ?electoral massacre? on April 25, continued the ?massacre? within the Democratic Party./CNA.al

Faktet/ Basha ?masakron? Partinë Demokratike, vijon e tallet me demokratët

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