Lulzim Basha prepares the expulsion of opponents from leading positions in the DP

20 Qershor 2021, 12:14, English CNA
Lulzim Basha prepares the expulsion of opponents from leading positions in the

Lulzim Basha is in a hurry to quickly close the usurpation of any leading position in the Democratic Party and remove any strong voice critical of him, who demands changes or who thinks that Basha really lost the April 25 elections.

Official sources from the DP told CNA.al that immediately after the analysis, will be held the elections of the governing structures in the center, including the Presidency, the Secretariat, the National Council and up to the DP branches that will all be included in the electoral process.

All the chairmen of the local branches of the Democratic Party, who don?t achieve the objectives set by Basha from the elections will leave their posts. This reorganization process seems to be clearly a purge of opponents, and strengthening of Lulzim Basha?s position at the head of the DP, which is already aiming to cement every post with people, who think like him and don?t bring annoyance, articulating the election defeat.

Basha is clearly trying to call the election an electoral massacre, in the hope that he can retain the support of militants who have abandoned him massively. Turnout is low in elections within the DP, with only 28 percent of the DP membership, was an alarm bell for Basha.

Basha has already made ready the moves he will perform. But it must shorten the waiting time to assemble the structures and perform the cleaning operation. The first names that will leave are Edmond Spaho and Edi Paloka, both vice-presidents of the Democratic Party, who have been by Basha?s side for 8 years.

These two positions have several candidates. Ervin Salianji, Tomor Alizoti or Jorida Tabaku, are among the names that can be part of the leadership of the parliamentary group or even vice-speakers of the Assembly. Other names that will have positions in parliamentary committees or part of the group leadership are expected to be Albana Vokshi, Enkejled Alibeaj, Alfred Rushaj, etc.

Another name that is leaving is Bujar Nishani, who will leave the leadership of the National Council. This post may be completely dissolved, but Basha demands its formal preservation to do favors to those who will be forced to reward for their loyalty.

A vacancy for Basha is also that of Organizational Secretary, after the resignation of Sahit Dollapi immediately after losing the elections. Arben Ristani, leaves the leadership of the Disciplinary Commission that he led for 4 years, a position that was never taken into consideration by Basha.

Another name that leaves is that of Çlirim Gjata, which was not included in the winning list, although his ambitious claims. Basha will try to remove from the Presidency also Fatbardh Kadilli and Enno Bozdo, who have recently clashed strongly with the leader of the Democratic Party.

One of the few names expected to hold the leadership position is Gazmend Bardhi.

He holds the post of Secretary General of the Democratic Party. Also, Ivi Kaso in the secretariat of the Democratic Party, or Ina Zhupa, who is appointed by Basha together with

Secretary of International Relations, Arben Kashahu./CNA.al

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