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All the losers of Lulzim Basha’s “victory”

22 Qershor 2021, 10:35, English CNA

CNA.al published two days ago exclusive data, which showed the failure of the political leaders of Lulzim Basha in the elections of April 25, 2021. According to them, the team of Lulzim Basha has managed to get about 85.000 votes less than the target set by leader of the Democratic Party.

The target was about 707.;000 votes, while the result achieved is about 620.000 votes. Only 3 or 4 of Lulzim Basha?s political leaders have achieved their goals, while 16 out of 20 of them have failed, some of them for the second or third time.

Bujar Leskaj in Vlora region managed to get only 4 mandates. In this district, the DP had a slight increase in votes, but it was still 7.972 votes less than the target.

Vizita në Korçë/ Edi Rama fushatë për Spahon dhe SalianjinIn Korça, where there were two political leaders, Ervin Salianji and Edmond Spaho, the target was 60.400 votes, but in the ballot boxes there were about 10.000 votes less than the target, and about 6.000 votes less than in 2013, when DP came out in opposition.

In the region of Fier the political leader was Enkeled Aliabeaj, He ran for the third time since 2015, once as mayor, and 2 times for MP, and the result was almost 15.000 votes less than the target set by Basha.

In the region of Elbasan the result was not bad, and the DP is closer to the target, which has come because of the great decline of the SMI.

Tritan Shehu, the head of the region in Gjirokastra, received only 1 of the 4 mandates. Out of 23.500 votes that was the target set by Basha, he was able to get only 13.971 votes, over 9.000 votes less.

In the region of Tirana, Jorida Tabaku, the political leader for unit number 2, received 2.000 votes less than the target, while Alfred Rushaj over 1.900 votes less. Only 3-4 political leaders of the Tirana region have achieved the goal set by Basha, which has led to a balance of votes in this region.


Zgjedhjet e 25 prillit/ Duma flet me superlativa: Po fryn era e ndryshimit dhe vjen nga opozitaGrida Duma in Kavaja failed sensationally, receiving 14.064 votes, or 4.236 votes less than the target. Flamur Noka in Kamza, is another failure, as he received 1144 votes less. An embarrassing result, in one of the bastions of the right. In the region of Durrës, the result was catastrophic.

DP Deputy Chairman Edi Paloka received 600 votes less than the target. Durrës was expected to score a big victory for the DP, but this didn?t happen. There is an increase in the number of votes, but a big difference between DP and SP.

Shkodra is the main bastion where DP failed. Political leader Helidon Bushati received 16.401 votes less than the target. Even Xhelal Mziu in Dibër, who claimed a great victory, got 8258 votes less than the target.


Another staggering failure is that of Mark Marku and multi-faceted analyst Agron Gjekmarkaj in the Lezha region. In Lezha, the DP received 33.998 votes, out of 37.000 that was the target. So minus 3.000 votes./CNA.al

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