“Killers” with white collars

29 Qershor 2021, 12:39, English CNA

The criminal situation in our country seems to be out of control. Murders, accidents, explosions dominate the headlines in the media. Only during the month of June in our country 10 people have lost their lives, from murders and road accidents.

But bloody has not been just this month. Murders, mafia assassinations, have taken the lives of dozens of Albanians during the first half of this year. But beyond the tragic data that should ?shake? any government, there is another detail.

In almost every case where there have been murders in our country, or lives lost in accidents, accountability is required by the State Police. But the truth is that the finger should be pointed upwards, to the ?killers? with white collars, to the Prime Minister Edi Rama, to the Minister of Interior, Bledi Çuçi, and to the General Director of Police, Ardi Veliu, and not only to the simple policemen.

The police in our country is the most abused institution. And not just today, but in the 30 years of democracy. Whenever there are changes of government, in this sector there is a ?storm?, the same happens when there is a change of ministers.

For everything that happens, the first to be affected are the police officers. Not to mention the so-called ?reforms? that are carried out only to include in the ranks of the police the militants of political parties.

But another detail is the fact that the State Police is being used for any kind of situation. Police are used to manage protests, to punish traders who sell on the street, in managing people?s movements during pandemic ect.

So there is a long list of cases, where are used the underpaid and misused police. And to return to the tragic case of two days ago in Velipoja, where four people lost their lives during a gunfight, the tragedy for Albanians is doubled by what declare those who have a duty to maintain order and security.

The Minister of Interior, Bledi Çuçi, instead of being ashamed in front of the cameras, having on his shoulder a war balance in only one month, appeared in front of journalists extremely arrogant, saying that he bears no responsibility.

Or even worse, the Prime Minister Edi Rama himself, who some time ago declared ?let them kill each other!?. But they are also taking the lives of innocent people, who work for daily bread, as was the case of the 20-year-old in Velipoja, who was killed on his first and sadly last day of work.

No, the finger should not be pointed only at the police. The finger should be pointed at the prime ministers, ministers and even the general directors of the police in 30 years of democracy in our country. Those responsible for the lost lives are the ?killers? with white collars./CNA.al

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