Bledi Çuçi, the Minister of Scandals/ Even his wife can no longer remove the stains of crime

28 Qershor 2021, 16:04, English CNA

From today Bledi Çuçi cannot be called Minister of Interior, but the Minister of shame and scandals. Before the blood of the four killed in Velipoja has dried up, and under the smell of gunpowder that are being fired from one city to another, Çuçi appeared before the media today, boasting that he has done justice to the division of beaches through the e-albania portal.

He has attacked judges and prosecutors instead of giving an account, and moreover resigning for the crimes that have invaded the country. Bledi Çuçi was elected Minister of Interior to cover the failures of his predecessor Sander Lleshaj, but he ended up in scandals and failures.

For his merit or with the help of his wife, he was positioned in the chair of the Minister of Interior, but he has only the title and receives the salary for this post, as he has failed for work, worse than Lleshaj.

At least the latter willingly or unwillingly resigned for the murder of young Klodian Rasha by a police officer. But Çuçi, who has filled the coast and the streets with victims, doesn’t say a single word about them, launches an attack to defend himself.

After taking office, he would declare on a TV show that he would resign if he were in Lleshaj?s situation. Meanwhile, even though he is in a more difficult situation than Lleshaj used to be, he attacks judges and prosecutors, while he himself has become an object of shame.

His wife, allegedly made Minister of the Interior, couldn?t save him from scandals, incompetence and failures. When he took office, with the help of the woman who was previously the girlfriend of his boss, Prime Minister Edi Rama, Bledi Çuçi declared pompously that he would change the image of the Ministry of Interior.

But what have we seen during this time? We saw an Interior Minister dealing with illegal construction in the coastal areas, while corpses were blocking the road. So he failed to meet even the expectations of his wife and no longer of public opinion to have order and security. Now even his wife can no longer remove the stains of crime./CNA.al

Bledi Çuçi, Ministri i skandaleve/ As gruaja nuk ia heq dot më njollat e krimit

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