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Ten dead in two days/ No official is held accountable

27 Qershor 2021, 18:19, English CNA

The balance of murders and accidents with fatal consequences in Albania is getting worse. In the last two days alone, June 25-27, about 10 people lost their lives. Velipoja beach was shaken by a serious event in the hours before Sunday morning, where 4 people were killed, while 2 others were injured after an armed conflict in front of Gocaj Hotel.

Among the victims were 2 Gocaj brothers, Arjan Ferracaku?s father killed in 2018 and a 20-year-old. Meanwhile, were injured Kujtim Verracaku?s brother and a teenager, who according to the police are suspected to be perpetrators involved in the armed conflict.

The cause of the armed conflict was the division of ownership over the sandy surfaces where are placed the sunbeds. While two days ago an entire family was killed in a serious car accident, Eduart and Silvana Gushi, as well as their two minor daughters, Anastasia and Eva.

The serious event that shocked the entire public opinion took place on the Fier-Vlore highway, where an Audi type vehicle, driven by a 22-year-old, hit from behind the vehicle in which were traveling the victims, while traveling at a speed beyond the allowed norms.

Also, two days ago, an 82-year-old man was hit by a car driven by 25-year-old man in Tirana, while he was resting on a bench on the sidewalk. With this 2-day balance in a European country, the Minister of Interior would have resigned. But in Albania no one bears responsibility.

No road directorate official for scandalous roads without signage! No police officers to prevent criminal events! No local or central government official for the conflicts created between citizens, from property to business, etc. No police chief or director for the event in the area where he leads!

No one is taking any responsibility for this war balance that is taking the lives of children, families are disappearing from madness and irresponsibility, which starts with every citizen and ends with the highest state officials. The figures speak too much, they show that the situation is out of control, while the responsible authorities have chosen to pass it in total silence./CNA.al

10 të vdekur në dy ditë/ Asnjë zyrtar përgjegjës

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