The scandal/ How Ben Blushi controls the Vetting Commission in the justice system

6 Korrik 2021, 13:06, English CNA

The former leader of the LIBRA party, currently the general director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, controls the Vetting Commission. The scandal was confirmed by the Independent Qualification Commission (IQC) itself, after the request of the Tirana prosecutor, Ervin Karanxha, who asked to be expelled from the trial panel, the member of the IQC who  is dealing with the investigation against him, Valbona Sanxhaktari.

About this situation Karanxha has also informed through a lawsuit the Special Anti-Corruption Structure. Karanxha states in the lawsuit that the General Director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, is influencing through personal acquaintances to the Independent Qualification Commission for his dismissal at any cost through the Vetting process.

According to Karanxha, commissioner Valbona Sanxhaktari and Ben Blushi have known each other since the 2000s. From the CV published on the official website of the IQC, it appears that this commissioner started working in the Ministry of Education in October 2001.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Ben Blushi was the Minister of Education and Science in the period 2001-2002. So it turns out that the General Director of Top Channel has hired commissioner Valbona Sanxhaktari in 2001 in the Ministry of Education.

?Commissioner Valbona Sanxhaktari lives in the same building with the General Director of Top Channel at the Ambassador Palace 3 at the ?Air Albania? Stadium, former ?Qemal Stafa? stadium, where the value of the apartment bought by Sanxhaktari is 180.000 euros, in a time that she has worked as a simple lawyer in public administration.

Blushi and Sanxhaktari were seen together at the ?Lavazza? restaurant, at the ?Air Albania? stadium, next to the Ambassador 3 palace, exactly at the time when Top Channel television was broadcasting news chronicles about me for my dismissal. To prove this fact, you must get the ?DVD? of the cameras of ?Lavazza? restaurant as well as the cameras of the ?Air Albania? Stadium. There will also be important data for the investigation?- it is said in the lawsuit sent to SPAK, but also in the request for the exclusion of Sanxhaktar from the trial panel, that is dealing with the re-evaluation of prosecutor Karanxha.

Meanwhile, through the decision no. 48 dated 23.06.2021, the Independent Qualification Commission has confirmed that the member Valbona Sanxhaktari, part of the Vetting body of Ervin Karanxha, met with Ben Blushi, during the time when the television run by the latter, Top Channel, attacked and blackmailed the prosecutor Karanxha.

?Mrs.Sanxhaktari stated that in one case she drank coffee in the bar ?Lavazza?, with Ben Blushi, but in presence of other people. But she denied having conducted conversations related to the work or with the Vetting subjects?- it is said in the decision of the IQC body that has reviewed the request of the prosecutor Karanxha for the dismissal of the commissioner Valbona Sanxhaktari.

So on the one hand the IQC accepts the scandal, and on the other hand deepens it. After rejecting the request of the prosecutor Karanxha for the exclusion of Sanxhaktari, despite the allegations of the latter. Olsi Komiçi, Firde Shuli and Suela Zhegu, agree to become part of the ?Sanxhaktari? scandal, asking for other evidence from Karanaxha, and accepting the alibi of Sanxhaktari./CNA.al

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