Ilir Meta close to facing justice/ Who is destroying the president?

1 Korrik 2021, 11:10, English CNA

President of the Republic Ilir Meta, who is awaiting the decision of the Constitutional Court, whether he will remain in office or not, breaks the silence from time to time with the distribution of a decoration.

After the calls for civil war and the attacks on the American ambassador to Albania Yuri Kim, before, during and after the elections, Meta has already softened his tone. But this softening of tones seems to suit him, after calls for violence and linking his name to corruption.

But not for the internationals, who no longer seem to consider him as the President of the Republic. Such a thing was hinted the day before from the visit to Tirana of Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip T.Reeker.

During his stay in the Albanian capital, the latter met with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha, other government representatives, and Edith Harxhi from the group ?For the Democratic Party?.

Meta was ignored at all by the senior US official, thus giving a signal that the president has his days numbered, not only as head of the institution, but also in terms of his confrontation with justice.

According to the US Embassy in Tirana, throughout his meetings, Mr.Reeker underlined the determination of President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that the fight against corruption, including through denunciations of high-level corruption determinations, is an essential national security interest for the United States.

This is a very important and clear message, if we keep in mind that the name of President Meta is associated in many cases with corruption. And yesterday?s meeting of senior US official Reeker with leaders of the justice system, proves that neither Meta nor other officials who are bent on corruption, will not escape this time the punishment.

The president seems to have felt the ?smell? of handcuffs, so he withdrew as much as possible from the political scene. But the reaction of the internationals and mainly of America to him, clearly shows that the end has come. Ilir Meta?s name is related to a number of issues, for which Albanian citizens expect transparency.

Since the disappearance of Krraba gold, the 7 percent file, dubious wealth from Albania to England, the marble on Mount Tomorr. These are some issues that have been related to Meta?s name, by political exponents or even in the media, and by investigative journalists.

The most recent case in which Meta was investigated, although not by justice, but which is not ruled out as a possibility, was the call for violence and civil war, and the unprecedented attack to US Ambassador Yuri Kim./CNA.al

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