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The scandal -The state in the service of incinerators/ Revealed the corrupted scheme, how are being robbed the citizens of Tirana

30 Qershor 2021, 14:46, English CNA

The issue of incinerators in Elbasan, Fier or Sharra Landfill, recently accompanied by the waste scandal in Durrës, where are incited some actions supported by the media for tenders worth up to 15 million euros, or even millions that go to the Sharra Landfill, is a scandal that continues to deepen.

New schemes are emerging every day. Today we are showing another case, which shows how the structures of the government and the Municipality of Tirana are placed at the disposal of the Sharra Landfill of Klodian Zoto, or his media and political partners.

It is enough to get information from the construction companies in Tirana, and you understand very well what is happening, and how worked the ?mafia? scheme. Every construction company in Tirana has to pay 70-150 thousand euros or maybe more, to move the soil extracted from the opening of the pit where the facility will be built.

This amount of money goes directly to Integrated Energy B.V. SPV, the Tirana Incinerator concession company. So this amount of money is paid to allow construction companies to take solid waste to Sharra. The incinerator company receives from the companies that build in the capitals 4-6 euros for 1 ton of waste.

Construction companies have no chance of dumping the waste elsewhere. They are intercepted by drones, and if caught in violation, the Municipal Police goes to them. But to fill the holes, the same construction companies have to pay again.

And this cost is paid by the citizens who buy the apartments, as the cost to the construction company increases, so the prices of the apartments will automatically increase. And this will certainly be a cost to the citizens. Representatives of the Sharra Landfill concession company go to each construction site where the holes are dug, and make the measurements, leaving no cubic centimeters of soil coming out.

The whole amount should go to Sharra. This with the claim that solid waste should not be thrown on the streets. But the trick lies elsewhere. Municipal police structures are in ?partnership? with the Sharra Landfill company.

There is information that certain segments of these official structures, receive payments and benefits for each service they provide, being paid in black. The Municipal Police and National Urban Construction Inspectorate (NUCI) of Tirana, report wherever a pit is opened, wherever a truck passes by and allegedly in compliance with the law receive their share of the profit.

But what happens next? The company will pay the Landfill for the land at a price set by the concessionaire, which will increase the costs to the citizens. Only from this process, the concession company earns from hundreds or thousands of holes that are opened in Tirana, tens of millions of euros per year. This is just one of the aspects of profit, not to mention the amount of 128 million euros given by the state, or beyond the other millions that benefit from manual waste processing./CNA.al

Skandali-Shteti në shërbim të inceneratorëve/ Zbulohet skema korruptive, si grabiten qytetarët e Tiranës

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