Government acknowledges in silence the incinerators affair

2 Korrik 2021, 17:42, English CNA
Government acknowledges in silence the incinerators affair

The issue of incinerators in Elbasan, Fier or Sharra Landfill, recently accompanied by the waste scandal in Durrës, where have been encouraged some actions supported by the media for tenders worth 15 million euros, or even millions of euros going to the Sharra Landfill, is probably one of the most scandalous affairs in Albania.

A scandal that continues to deepen. About a year ago, CNA.al denounced with official and exclusive documents what can be called the ?affair of the century?. CNA.al, was able to deconstruct the scheme, on how the Albanian government has given 50 million euros for two incinerators, those in Elbasan and Fier.

We have provided exclusive materials, showing that they are the same people hiding behind the incinerators, namely Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and the latter?s cohabitant Stela Gugallja. These people are the main people who have received the two unsolicited offers for the incinerator of Elbasan and Fier, for which the Albanian government must pay at least 50 million euros.

The same scheme was used for the incinerator in Tirana. A concession costing 128 million euros for 30 years. An investment which includes the Sharra Landfill, where they claimed that an incinerator will be built to produce electricity, and where will be done the treatment of urban waste and other waste.

Meanwhile, CNA.al revealed the full scheme of the Government-Incinerators-Media connection, where with official documents we also showed the partnerships of the owners and managers of a medium with the owners of the incinerators’ concession.

But, beyond the denunciations made by CNA.al, there have been reactions from the opposition. For a while, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, appeared at several press conferences, and denounced the corrupt affair, but then silence fell at the DP headquarters.

Only Lulzim Basha knows the reason for the silence, but this is another issue. The fact is that the corrupt affair of the incinerators has been strongly denounced by the media, by politics, and there have been denunciations in the SPAK.

Meanwhile, the issue of incinerators has returned recently to the media, even after the problems created with urban waste in Durrës. Some televisions have produced several shows, and the issue in question continues to be denounced on an ongoing basis.

But what stands out is the silence of the government. While in the media are announced sensational arrests by SPAK, precisely for this corrupt affair, there is no reaction from the government. So, apparently the government is silently accepting the affair of the incinerators, and hesitate to give an account for it./CNA.al

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