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Ardi Veliu, the fraudulent Director of the State Police/ Which drug trafficker is he trying to protect?

4 Korrik 2021, 09:25, English CNA

Two days ago, starting from 7:30 in the morning until the evening, the media reported on

an international anti-drug operation, part of which was the Albanian police and SPAK.

So far there is nothing wrong, despite the fact that in this case these institutions have simply done the work for which they are paid.

But what they trumpeted as a success in the morning, turned out to be a scandal in the evening. The Director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu, otherwise known as the ?Director of the Morgue?, appeared in the media and shamefully lied not only to those who described them as collaborators in this operation, the Italian anti-mafia, the American DEA or Eurojust, but the whole public opinion.

?After a work of almost 3 years, where the police has been active, we have finalized today the execution of 18 arrest warrants, as part of this criminal group? – said Veliu on Friday evening, and immediately afterwards in the media appeared the names of persons who according to him had been arrested.

The list of those arrested, included also the names of two citizens Paul Agustin Gega and Hekuran Marku, former bodyguards of the Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri. In fact, Paul Agustin Gega was free, and moreover he wasn?t in Albania at all, while Hekuran Marku was on the run.

It was the journalist Klodiana Lala, who informed the public about this scandal, after Gega had called her, telling her that he wasn?t in Albania, and that he was ready to face with the justice.

?Police leaders are either incompetent or trying to hide something very big. This is the second time that the police have been caught red-handed lying. Hekuran Marku, another former member of the former Interior Minister?s escort group is on the run?Ardi Veliu you must resign?- Lala wrote on social networks.

The scandals and lies of Ardi Veliu at the head of the State Police are not few. With all the scandals and deeds he carries, and with his behavior, Veliu encourages the suspect that he

is defending a major criminal affair, while he still remains at the head of the state police.

For Veliu doesn?t seem to exist the moral responsibility, and he has shown this for a long time. In addition to being the ?director of the morgue?, Ardi Veliu will also be remembered as the director of scandals in the service of politics.

Politics seems to have dehumanized him so much, that he no longer recognizes any moral responsibility, not to mention the legal responsibility. In the coming days, we will list all the scandals of Ardi Veliu as head of the State Police, but for now we will focus at fraud and lies, with what he called a drug trafficker./CNA.al

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