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Meta’s luxury villa with “Scavolini” armchairs/ Why the president was forced to delete the video with Monika’s interview?

5 Korrik 2021, 16:00, English CNA

In 2014, the luxurious and fabulous villa of the current president Ilir Meta, made the rounds of the Albanian media. A documentary was specially prepared for that villa, advertising the luxury, expensive decor, palm trees and all the comfort, that Meta and his wife Monika Kryemadhi claims they have achieved only with their salaries.

Ilir Meta?s villa in Lalzi Bay, is the most luxurious Albanian house ever broadcast in documentaries. It has a yard of 2000 m2, full of olives and palm trees, which due to their size are said to have been transported by helicopter.

Inside the villa there are 11 toilets, one specific to the personal needs of the Meta?s family cat. According to Monika, who in 2015 when she gave the interview for the luxury villa, was an MP, the cat had also a special toilet to perform personal needs.

The furnishing of the villa had cost over 400.000 euros. Only the armchairs of the well-known Italian brand ?Scavolini? were said to have cost 32.000 euros. Some time ago, the whole public opinion, saw the great celebration of Meta for his birthday, whose expenses have exceeded 500.000 euros.

But what happened after the publication of Meta?s luxury villa, which he claimed that the had bought with salaries or with the exchange of several apartments in a palace owned by Kryemadhi in Tirana? The images disappeared, the video of the documentary was deleted, and an attempt was made to delete every possible photo wherever it was posted online.

But why did Ilir Meta act like this, for a property that he claims to be legal? Why did he get nervous in 2015 during an interview with VOA, when was asked about his luxurious life? In fact, such questions should have been asked long ago by the prosecution, and currently the Special Anti-Corruption Structure, SPAK.

One day Meta must give an account of that wealth, which his wife advertised in front of the Albanians. He should be held accountable for the money he has created. Arben Kraja and SPAK can find the videos of the villa, to have them as evidence.

They can surround Lalzi Bay and seize the suspicious property. Six years ago, Monika Kryemadhi boasted to the Albanians about the luxury where she spent her weekends, about the 11 toilets, about the expensive furniture, about the palm trees that were brought there by helicopter.

What will SPAK be proud of in front of the Albanians, when everyone points the finger at the president for the dubious wealth he has. After Meta?s luxury was seen with voice and image, the justice institutions were silent, the documentary footage disappeared, and nothing happened as if the villa had never existed./CNA.al

Vila luksoze e Metës me kolltuqet Skavolini/ Pse u detyrua Presidenti të zhdukte videon me intervistën e Monikës?

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