“Sharks” or “small fish”/ The ”hot file” in the hands of SPAC, officials who risk being arrested

13 Korrik 2021, 19:46, English CNA

Justice reform and the new institutions that emerged from it, strongly trumpeted not only by politics but also by the international community, have been seen as the hope that Albanians will finally have the missing justice.

One of the new justice institutions, the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime, SPAC, is alleged to be the institution that will crack down on corruption in the ranks of politics and senior officials, and they will finally receive the punishment they deserve.

So, SPAC is the hope of Albanians that finally the so-called ?big fish? in Albania are punished. But what is happening? During the last days, the media has made many echoes of the actions of SPAC in the Municipality of Lushnja, where was also arrested the head of this municipality, Fatos Tushe.

Or at the operation a few days ago at the Ministry of Interior, where 9 people were arrested, including the former director of Public Procurement in this institution, Edlira Naqellari. The latter, fired just a week before her arrest.

These operations of SPAC are really commendable, and it is very good that any abuser of Albanian taxpayers?money receives the punishment he deserves. Any person who has abused even a penny of citizens?taxes must face justice.

And for this SPAC deserves applause. But there is also a detail. Beyond the great fuss made in the media by the SPAC operation in Lushnja, in the Ministry of Interior, or even the accusation today against the former mayor of Pogradec, Eduart Kapri, any ?big fish? haven?t yet been punished.

It seems that so far SPAC has dealt only with ?small fish?, while none of the ?big fish? has been punished. If we refer to the case of the Ministry of Interior, where the damage is tens to hundreds of millions of euros, SPAC has arrested only ?small fish?, while ?sharks? are free.

Another ?hot file? in the hands of SPAK, which would lead to the handcuffing of those who could really be called ?big fish?, is the issue of incinerators, which can be called the corruption affair of the century. There have been several denunciations of the incinerator file, not only from the media but also from politics. There is also a denunciation in SPAC from the ?Knitting? initiative. Also, CNA.al has published a complete investigative file, which clearly shows the scheme used, up to the government-incinerator-media connections.

CNA.al has shown how the Albanian government has given 50 million euros for the construction of 2 incinerators, in Elbasan and Fier. Through exclusive materials, we have shown that the same persons are hiding behind 2 incinerators.

They are Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and the cohabitant of the latter Stela Gugallja. The same scheme is used for the incinerator in Tirana. A concession of 128 million euros for 30 years. An investment that includes the Sharra landfill, where it is claimed that an incinerator will be built to produce energy, and where urban waste and other waste will also be treated.

But, although it is said that the incinerator in Tirana, in fact there is only one landfill. These are the owners of incinerators, who later entered into partnerships with owners and media executives, as is the case with Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi. SPAC should wake up and complete the investigation regarding the denunciations for what is called the corrupt affair of the century, which amounts to about 400 million euros./CNA.al

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