Sander Lleshaj’s deeds and scandals/ How he challenged SACP for the corrupt uniform tender

12 Korrik 2021, 13:14, English CNA

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution, SACP, has executed on Saturday morning 9 arrest warrants for officials and former officials of the Ministry of Interior. The arrested officials are accused by SACP of violating the equality in the tender held one year ago for the purchase of State Police uniforms, worth 2.8 billion Lek.

The tender took place during the time when Sander Lleshaj was the Minister of Interior. But a day before, the latter was justified that it had nothing to do with the tender in question. ?The procurement system in Albania has its own authorities of administration, management, control and appeal, where the minister has no role?- said yesterday Lleshaj.

But with this statement the former minister lied to the Albanians. Because he was aware of the corrupt tender since the time when he was debated in parliament, when he clashed with MP Myslim Murrizi, but also earlier.

In July 2020, Lleshaj openly challenged the Prosecution from the rostrum of the Parliament, and allegedly sent coded messages to stay away from the case. He didn?t even think that after a year his name would be mentioned as a person associated with this tender corruption, and that he should be held accountable before justice.

?Knock on the door of the Prosecution and let them do the prosecutor, don?t do it, because I?m afraid you?re wrong?- said Lleshaj in the plenary session on July 29, 2020. Meanwhile, a day ago, Lleshaj avoided challenging the Prosecution , stating that he was the one who invited the latter.

In fact the lawsuit in SACP for this scandal was made by MP Myslim Murrizi. But Lleshaj had information about this scandal, before debating with Murrizi in Parliament. This is because the corrupt tender with blue uniforms was initially denounced by the Democratic Party on August 1, 2019.

In November 2019, the Ministry of Interior led by Sander Lleshaj, and represented by legal counsel, Plarent Ndreca, sued for defamation DP demanding compensation in the amount 1 million Lek. Meanwhile, we recall that as long as he remained in charge of the Ministry of Interior, Lleshaj?s work was accompanied by scandals.

Charges were brought against him on suspicious property, and specifically for a villa in Lalzi Bay, which was denounced by CNA.al. It is a duplex apartment with an area of 120 m2, in a two-storey building with a total area of 480 m2. CNA.al has verified all the declarations of assets of the Minister of Interior, from 2006 until 2017, but such assets are not found declared.

The CNA al so denounced the scandal of buying a car in the amount of 100 million Lek.

This amount of money was given by the State Police to buy a tool for the Liaison Officer in Berlin, Germany. But the same vehicle ended up in the hands of Sander Lleshaj. The vehicle was initially equipped with German license plates, but a few days later the German license plates were removed and the Albanian ones were placed./CNA.al

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