Meta takes ”control” of Monika Kryemadhi and the SMI/ Releaved the president’s plan

11 Korrik 2021, 15:15, English CNA

The Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration signed on March 1, 2021, an agreement to form a joint coalition for the parliamentary elections of April 25, based on the agrement that created the United Opposition on April 23, 2019.

The elections took place, and neither the DP nor the LSI won. The Democratic Party received 59 seats, meanwhile the SMI only 4 seats, out of 10 that had the last legislature, where it burned the mandates of deputies.

After the defeat, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, contested the process and spoke continuously about the war and the battle, while Monika Kryemadhi appeared only once in a communication for the media, accepted the defeat, and then disappeared from the political scene, to reappear just a few days next to her husband, President of the Republic Ilir Meta, as First Lady.

She hadn?t accepted to play this role before, so her appearance next to Meta, immediately impressed the public opinion. But while Kryemadhi remain silent, from the SMI, almost bankrupt as a political force, ?Meta? style reactions appear from time to time.

Hinting that Meta has taken over the leadership of the SMI, a party that already can to be said to be without members. The reactions coming from those who have remained in the SMI, speak of a rift with the Democratic Party. So violating the much-trumpeted March agreement, when there was talk of a sure victory in the election.

From the institution of the Presidency, Meta clearly seems to have taken the leadership of the SMI, although severely defeated. By keeping Monika Kryemadhi away from the political scene, Meta is suspected of carrying out plans for the April 25th parliamentary elections.

It seems that the President of the Republic will not surrender, despite the fact that the 4 deputies of the SMI will be in parliament in September. It was Kejdi Mehmetaj a few days ago who revealed the plans of the SMI, plans which seemed to involve neither the DP nor its leader Lulzim Basha.

Mehmetaj said that in September, the SMI will address the Constitutional Court for election irregularities, on the other hand Basha and no one from the DP has said a single word about the decisions of the Appeals and Sanctions Commission and the Electoral College./CNA.al

Meta merr nën ?kontroll? Monikën dhe LSI/ Zbardhet plani i Presidentit


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