The mafia scheme for the Port of Durrës?/Basha tries to deny the bargains, why DP remains silent?

20 Korrik 2021, 05:56, English CNA
The mafia scheme for the Port of Durrës?/Basha tries to deny the bargains,

The project worth 2 billion dollars for the development of the Port of Durrës, has been the headline of the media in recent days. A few days ago, the media reported that in this project, strongly trumpeted by the Albanian government, has taken his ?part?  Lulzim Basha?s brother-in-law, Erion Isufi.

MCN TV has revealed the documents, where among other things, it is said that the company that will benefit from hundreds of hectares of free state land in the Port of Durrës, comes from the Cayman Islands and was established only a few months ago. So not from Dubai, as has said the government.

Officially, the Albanian government has said that the developer and financier of the project is the founder of the Arab group ?Emar?, Muhammad Alabar. But apparently, Alabar has decided to come to Albania, not through the ?Emar Group?, but with offshore companies from the Cayman Islands.

It is about the company which comes from the Cayman Islands, and that was created only a few months ago. It has a capital of only 100 dollars, and its administrator is the citizen Oltjan Hoxholli, a partner lawyer in the law firm LPA.

The latter is the administrator of the company Moveo Albania, where one of the co-founders of this company is also Lulzim Basha?s brother-in-law, Erion Isufi, also the founder of Landmark Communications.

On the other hand there is also a detail that raises many doubts about the existence of bargains for this project between the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha and the Prime Minister Edi Rama. The elected deputy of the Democratic Party, and the right wing of Lulzim Basha, Grida Duma, spoke openly about this bargain in a TV show during the election campaign.

This attitude of Grida Duma was interpreted at that time by CNA.al as an invitation for shopping. As an outstretched hand for corruption, for the distribution of money from the taxes of the Albanians, from the investment funds that will come to Albania.

And the other detail, which further adds to the suspicions, is the silence of the official DP. Although it is a corrupt mega-affair, as reported by the media, the blue headquarters just remained silent and didn?t denounce it. Moreover, it seems that the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha is trying to deny his bargains with Edi Rama.

In his speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party on July 17, Lulzim Basha remembered the Port of Durrës, but mentioned it briefly. ?Laws are made by order of the regime?s clients, private property is looted and destroyed, natural resources are looted, public property is stolen in violation of any norm and beneficiaries hide in tax havens, as in the case of the Port of Durrës, this mega-affair, the contours of which they are just starting to outline, ?-said Basha.

In fact, the issue of the Port of Durrës cannot be denounced with just a half sentence, as Basha did, but it would take entire press conferences, successive denunciations, or even denunciation to the SPAK.

Basha cannot try to ?wash his hands like Pontius Pilatius? about this mega-affair, but he should come out to speak, shout if necessary and denounce it loudly. If Lulzim Basha hasn?t received his ?share? in this affair of the government, he must show this with concrete steps./CNA.al

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