Erion Braçe, No.2 of the government after Rama or the “mosquito phenomenon”?!

25 Korrik 2021, 14:19, English CNA
Erion Braçe, No.2 of the government after Rama or the “mosquito

Since yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Erion Braçe has started to express his ?revolt?, through posts on social networks, where he writes that he is worried about the noise due to the works in a building in front of his apartment.

The ?revolt? of the Deputy Prime Minister on social networks started on Saturday morning, where he wrote ?7.28, Saturday! Good morning. It is as you think! I asked them, and they told me:Music is allowed until 23:00! ?.

Further, Braçe continued the complaints during Saturday, until after midnight for the same problem, and also wrote this morning:? The works are not interrupted for any moment. They are raising the crane on the sidewalk above the street and 7 meters away from the windows of our houses!

Without any safety conditions for residents and passers-by who are thousands! Meanwhile, see the safety conditions at work! I am convinced that workers are also uninsured! And I don’t want to set aside another fact. According to the table that describes the construction permit, the term of their works has expired since March!?.

In fact, Erion Braçe does very well to raise this issue as a concern. But why on social networks? Is not he No.2 of the government? Doesn?t he come directly after Prime Minister Edi Rama for the competencies and power he has? And when Braçe complains, what should ordinary citizens do?

Doesn?t know Mr. Braçe, that as Deputy Prime Minister is subordinate to the Ministry of Interior, the State Police. The Construction Inspectorate is also subordinate to the Prime Minister. Or it can be addressed to the Municipality of Tirana.

Erion Veliaj, the mayor of Tirana, belongs to the Socialist Party, and he subordinate the Directorate of Urban Planning and the Municipal Police. Why doesn?t Erion Brace address the institutions? From the ?revolt? he expresses on social networks, it is not understood if he is the deputy Prime Minister of this country, or he is a ?mosquito??

Has it comes out to bite from Facebook, or does it really do any work? When the Deputy Prime Minister complains, what should do the Albanian citizens? When the problem with the noises of a building under construction couldn?t be solved even by Erion Braçe, who is the No.2 of the government, only mosquitoes were left to do the work. But if Brace has left the post of Deputy Prime Minister and MP, and has come out in opposition, this is another thing, that will take time to learn./CNA.al

Erion Braçe, dyshi i Ramës apo ?fenomeni mushkonjë??!

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