State Police involved in scandal/ Here are the details that raise strong suspicions

23 Korrik 2021, 15:19, English CNA
State Police involved in scandal/ Here are the details that raise strong

The media reported yesterday a scandal regarding the tender conducted by the State Police for the telephone numbers used by this institution. So for the numbers used by police officers. It is the famous number 06941…, which has been in their use for many years.

In fact from the first day, when these numbers were taken into use by the police, many laws and other factors have changed. First, what has changed is number portability. So, its portability, which is done by law, but is also determined through agreements with mobile companies, when you choose to switch from one company to another, in not less than six months, as it aims to choose the best offers.

This is an open, in a free market competition. But this is not the case with the State Police. The State Police receives 15.000 numbers, doesn?t recognize this law, and claims that will hold an open competition. It removes the numbers from the company that currently offering the service and takes it to another company.

In fact this race carries a lot of doubts. Why? Because there is interference from senior policy exponents, associated with one or the other party. From people in power. They aren?t ministers, but people who influence ministers. They have the authority and intervene up to senior State Police officials, bringing the disruption of the race.

So senior policy exponents have intervened, and it is suspected that there are other violations beyond the order to change the mobile company. It is suspected that the offer of one party was given to the other party and then someone offered something more.

So, there was a leak of information, which means that the race was untrue, unfair and completely predetermined. The other problem is related to the fact that the State Police makes a competition for the numbers that it claims to own, when in fact those numbers are owned by users.

So of the police themselves or their leaders. So the race conducted by the State Police raises doubts that it has been a manipulated scenario, in the interest of one or the other company.

It doesn?t matter who the winner is. What matters is the scandal surrounding the State Police. Why they run a race when the laws have changed? Second, why did the information leak? And third, what financial interests are hidden? So, who are the officials and politicians, or the police leaders themselves, who seek to fill their pockets by making games and scenarios with telephone companies, for the benefit of one or the other party, so that in the end everything goes to their pockets? /CNA.al

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