Erion Veliaj could not "kill" Edi Rama for the directors

2024-04-03 18:36:00, Editorial CNA
Erion Veliaj could not "kill" Edi Rama for the directors
Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, found a repeated way, as always, in the style of his intrigues, to dispel the great noise that the media and public opinion would make regarding the arrest of his directors and closest associates.

The first to fall was Taulant Tusha, his right-hand man, and then Mariglen Qato, Redi Molla and so on.  It is expected that other directors and his associates will also fall on the way.

The way Veliaj chose was to stimulate an attack on Prime Minister Rama, to "kill" him by using his brother.

The attack happened. Gazment Bardhi was used and what stood out were the media of power, the media paid by the incinerators, the media directly connected to Erion Veliaj, who kept Gazment Bardhi directly all of them and gave it endless space.

On the other hand, there were arrests of directors in the Municipality of Tirana and all these media either did not report it or said some former managers of the Municipality of Tirana, where in fact Mariglen Qato and the directors of the Municipality of Tirana were arrested at the head of duty.


How does the truth stand?

The truth is that Erion Veliaj, the noise that was being made about his directors, the attack that was being made by SPAK with concrete facts and evidence, shut it down and then chose to be positive, to show how many trees he had planted and take out also a health reason that, according to him, he had neglected, such as the fact of the gallbladder operation.

Take care of your health

Regarding health, we wish Mr. Erion Veliaj the best of luck, that maybe he should go before SPAK prosecutors and take legal responsibilities and we wish him good health. We cannot accept it to be unhealthy.

Now he can invent some other disease, he can get sick from the kidneys, he can have a problem with his heart, but he must be careful, especially with these hemodynamics, because the Cardiology emergency has burned down and has not been working for 9 weeks.

Therefore, we ask that Erion Veliaj keep his health, be as good as possible so that he goes and gives some clarifications on how his people, the right wing, the left wing or the center of Erion Veliaj built the company and not only "5D".

In the following, we will also bring other companies, with other names, for other directors, who have circulated the money of the Municipality of Tirana in a closed circle, where they received millions of euros of funds, which are all suspected to be used as well for an electoral campaign, beyond the enrichment or introduction of certain persons into politics.

The shooting of Rama

Erion Veliaj did nothing but try to "shoot", "kill" Edi Rama by using his brother to drown out the noise that the arrest of the directors would make.

In fact, it is expected that there will be more arrests for the incinerators. It is expected that there will be other actions for the directors and the first time Veliaj tried to "kill" the prime minister's brother.

Edi Rama has no other brother. Now let's wait to see who Lali will rush to, make a bigger noise using the media paid by him and the incinerators, the media of corruption and corruption scandals who are accomplices and paid by the president of municipality in all criminal schemes such as incinerators and the "5D" file to drown out the noise. /CNA


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