The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light

2024-03-03 11:07:00, Editorial CNA
The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Ergys Agasi

CNA yesterday brought a first article within a political observation and analysis on well-confirmed information about a complex political figure such as Ergys Agasi. Unknown in the media, without much noise, former soldier of Ilir Meta, turned into a shadow for the darkness of Rama.

In fact, there are some characters, who are gray shadows or shadows in the dark, or the gray eminences of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who move some important chess pieces in the politics of the capital. Someone with the battles outside, another inside, for interests in certain circles, but that the prime minister has his shadows where he spends illegal power, but the strength of his duty and name by implementing certain schemes, scenarios or movements.

Dorian Ducka and Ergys Agasi, the shadows in the darkness of Rama

There are cases like Dor Ducka, but there are others.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Dorian Ducka

Dorian Ducka is the person involved in the investigation of the FBI agent McGonigal scandal, a scandal of a non-Albanian but international dimension that shocked the FBI and even the justice system in the USA.

There is a very strong accusation that mentions Dorian Ducka, one of Edi Rama's shadow men who is being verified by SPAK for his position in the "McGonigal" case.

Another name is Ergys Agasi.

Much talked about, but little exposed, although he has taken political duties in the SP, after betraying Meta.

This second one, like a shadow in the darkness, and we will whiten all those missing lights that should illuminate the "night" of Agassi, that lighting that whitens a face, which plays in quite high segments of politics and not alone.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Ergys Agasi

It is a gray eminence of Edi Rama, with powerful appointments in mortgages, cadastre, state police, strong connections with "call centers" and the connections go as far as Shkozet, Durrës, Elbasan or Shkodër, to the dark world where the eminence Edi Rama's gray wants to sit like a shadow in the dark, but Albania is small and the shadow becomes stronger when there is sun, which in fact is not absent in the axes we mentioned above.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Ergys Agasi's alarm and interventions

After the publication of the first news, the phone did not stop. Ergys Agasi has been alerted and the next madness has begun. Maybe even worse than the incinerators, or various affairs reported in CNA.

The scheme is the same, bargaining is required, then teeth are shown, then the attacks begin. Cases are like the shadow that goes to the crime and its pencil.

Many people have been worried about some truths about a character who goes all the way to the structures of the Albanian intelligence.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Ergys Agasi

Information about checks of prosecutors, judges, etc., such as these, which are in the hands of the intelligence, is always understood, but that certain details can go as far as Ergys Agasi, or requests for communication with SPAK that someone is concerned when learn from the media.

The man of Ilir Meta who has already turned into the gray eminence of Edi Rama. It worries why CNA is reporting or what it will release next.

We wrote a part of it yesterday, the rest are between the lines today. There is no reason for anyone to worry, the news will be reported, the truth and nothing more. Albanians should recognize the new shadow of Edi Rama.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Ergys Agasi and Ilir Meta

A few months ago, articles against him appeared in the media, but then they were all deleted. They were bought with money, sold by bargaining or what happened, we don't know and we don't care at all.

But such movements leave quite a few traces.

We will shed some light on the man who often meets with the prime minister in villa 30, where the anti-SPAK commissions are prepared.

Agasi has an unlimited power given by Rama, although not voted and in no political structure, jumps immediately as the deputy prime minister, with more power than e.g. Taulant Balla who is the Minister of the Interior, or Lali Eri in charge of the Municipality of Tirana.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Prime Minister Edi Rama in Vila 30

Other facts, below

CNA will continue to publish other rather simple facts and information, businesses and money for politics and the shadows of the man at the side of Prime Minister Rama, which are even clearer now after strong interventions by CNA to remove the writings and not to continue with this character, who in the market treats himself as the most powerful political man and with powers given to him for service by Rama, while he asks that his name stay in the shadows and not be exposed.

The shadow of Ergys Agasi from darkness to light
Ergys Agasi

These are more or less like the styles of corrupt Italian politicians or the movements of the Italian mafia people of the 80s, where someone spread the tentacles of power and used politics by staying in the shadows, at the highest levels up to the prime ministers for political services and economic .

We do not believe that Ergys Agasi is of that level, but today the fact is that he acts and has a power that can perhaps be called the gray eminence of Prime Minister Edi Rama, which is actually very little with the hidden truth of this character./ CNA

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