Albanians will buy back "Top Channel"

2024-02-27 20:34:00, Editorial CNA
Albanians will buy back "Top Channel"
"Top Channel" television building

Today the Constitutional Court, according to information in the media, has given the decision with a majority of 7 votes from 9 members regarding the shares of "Top Channel". A conflict that started many years ago and it took 8 years from court proceedings to reach this result.

Initially, it was acquired in the first instance by the shareholders Albert Sino and Aurel Baci. Then, in Apel, it was overthrown and won by Vjollca Hoxha and Dritan Hoxha's children. The decision was upheld in the Supreme Court and today the same decision was given in the Constitutional Court. Endless ordeal of trials and clashes.

In fact, there has always been information that the interventions in the courts were strong or attracted attention and the positions that "Top Channel" took during the time of court proceedings, especially at the beginning with the Supreme Court, with the attacks on the judges in the Court of Fact, or the charges against those of Appeal.

Albanians will buy back "Top Channel"
"Top Channel" television building

There was an immediate movement of "Top Channel" a year ago, when it turned into an anti-Rama television for about a month , at which time we also learned that a sale of shares of "Top Channel" was formally made in an offshore, and so on. Exactly at the time of the decision in the Supreme Court.

Today, the Constitutional Court, which is also the last level, has given its decision. The decision of the Constitutional Court is nothing but the continuation of vassalage, it was not expected that there would be any surprises.

The interventions in the justice system are clear and understandable because the issue is very simple, but since one side administers "Top Channel", which our Prime Minister Edi Rama loves and is very close to, he was now elected not without influence and intervention that the ownership was kept by Dritan Hoxha's heirs.

In fact, from the other side it is claimed that the decisions and actions are unconstitutional and this is clear, now the case will go to Strasbourg.

Like many other similar issues that the Albanian state has lost and this will end with a loss.

It seems clear that the ones who will lose are the Albanians, who will have to "repurchase" the "Top Channel", paying millions of euros to the owners, who have been denied the right to their shares.

For many years the parties have been together, then a legal battle and an unjustified clash began, and only that a majority of shares, which were owned by Albert Sinos and Aurel Bacit, were alienated from Vjollca Hoxha and her children by used a thousand and one scenarios.

Albanians will buy back "Top Channel"
Vjollca Hoxha with the girls

All these are part of a file that goes to Strasbourg, but in the end for the shareholders who have been denied the right, that the courts have been used as political instruments and the decision has been directed, in Strasbourg the decision will be clear.

The owners will earn millions of euros from the Albanian state, which the Albanians pay. This does not interest the incinerator partners like Vjollca Hoxha & CO.

Albanians from their pockets, from their taxes, will "buy back" "Top Channel", the television they love so much for "Big Brother", but which is the main window of the government's propaganda, which is the place where the affair of the incinerators has sunk deep , where it has been clearly shown how a corrupt affair of the government goes to the media and the main television of the affair of the incinerators is "Top Channel" , or many other cases such as the attacks on SPAK and on businesses , collisions, and others like these.

Anyway, it is "Top Channel", the television that today Vjollca Hoxha and the heirs of Dritan Hoxha celebrate the decision of the Constitutional Court, but in fact the Albanians should mourn, not for the "Top" screen, but for the fact that very soon a decision will come from the Strasbourg Court which will force them to pay from their own pockets for this television that Vjollca Hoxha and her children, Sara, Lorela, Redia and Itan already have.

Albanians will buy back "Top Channel"
constitutional Court

Vjollca as a partner of the incinerators and the children hold the shares of TOP, the Albanians pay their co-owners simply and only because justice is misused in Albania, in the end the Albanians will pay the bill to the shareholders who were denied the ownership they had, and this has happened for the political wishes of the government at the cost of the citizens' pockets.

Albanians will buy back "Top Channel", they will pay the costs at the end of a decision from Strasbourg./ CNA

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