The forms of how tens of millions of euros disappeared from the Tirana incinerator are revealed

2024-02-28 11:25:00, Denoncim CNA
The forms of how tens of millions of euros disappeared from the Tirana
Illustrative photo, Tirana landfill

The affair of Tirana's landfill and incinerator, where the latter is missing, captures staggering values, paid by the Albanian state.

About 70 million euros, and that's the value that the concessionaire company has received from other services, which it has determined by agreement, such as the case of the land that it received from the Municipality of Tirana, which in total is approximately the same amount that it has paid by the Albanian government and the municipality of the capital for the landfill and incinerator of Tirana.

Money laundering schemes are quite simple.

- First, by loan or contract.

The concessionaire company has given Klodian Zoto's "ITS" company millions of euros in advance loans for services, which were never performed.

According to the documents evaluated so far, denounced by CNA, by the journalist Elvi Fundo, but also by the experts of the opposition and the deputy Belind Kelliçi, the end of the 15 million euros cannot be found near the lending.

The forms of how tens of millions of euros disappeared from the Tirana

Contracts, subcontracts for services that are never performed.

- The second way of disappearing the money is what the Prosecutor's Office claims, that is SPAK, that money was given in bags. So, services were provided, invoices were not received, leks were not received for private individuals, and then the money was taken from the cash and with this money in the bags the payments were made.

Informality in Albania is estimated at around 50%. Cash continues to be the main payment in the country, almost 90% of payments are made in cash. The bank payment system is very weak and the company and its people have exploited it to move money. They have subcontractors or services provided with cash, which were then used for corruption by the company.

- The third way how those tens of millions of euros have disappeared for the Tirana landfill and the non-existent incinerator is the clearing or exchange that the company made with the construction firms.

So, many construction companies, which had to pay 150 or 200 or even 400-500 thousand euros for the lands leading to the landfill for the pits they would open to build the buildings or the dumping of inert waste, paid with clearing.

So, they deposited the lands and the concession company took real estate on behalf of third parties, and this after the land issue had been subcontracted to Klodian Zoto or to other companies, assets which are worth millions of euros, one of which was denounced end by deputy Belind Kelliçi.

So, lending and withdrawing money from cash in the bank is one form, the second form is money bags, black payments, mainly used for the media. The third form of disappearance of money is clearing, exchange of assets and re-registration of many properties in exchange for the deposit of soil or waste, but this was allegedly done for subcontractors, since Klodian Zoto was not a subcontractor, but was one of the owners the truth of the landfill of Tirana because the main man of the management of this big theft scheme is Mirel Mërtiri in cooperation with the officials of the Albanian state./ CNA

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