Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival

2024-02-26 14:39:00, Denoncim CNA

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival

The 62nd Song Festival on Albanian Radio Television had, as always, a public debate. A large part of the people said that it was worthless , another part, those who had organized it, that it had achieved its goal.

In fact, two months have passed and a very simple question arises: "Which of the songs do the citizens remember from this festival?" Or what was so memorable about an event that the bill turns out to be over 600 million ALL according to a general budget, while the requested amount is claimed to be even more?"


According to this table provided by CNA.al, it seems clear that in the 62nd Festival, money has become grapes and plums. 

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Comparison of the expenses of the Song Festival, edition 61 and 62

Money for rental vehicles has been added. So tools are one of the comparative items of the table below. Money has been added for competitive songs, participation songs, this is a normal thing that can be added.

Added payments for guests with more than twice, almost 3 times, more payments. There are over 60 million Lek for the guests.

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Budget, expenses
Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Budget, expenses

Someone said during the festival that the presenters didn't even know how to speak Albanian well and the presentation was one of the most scandalous points, but now they have cost three times more than last year's festival.

The other guests and the rental vehicles were therefore a main item that amounts to approximately 200 million ALL. Over 30% of the total cost was covered by guests and rental vehicles.

We go further. There is another almost doubled value which is the scenography. And the scenography is the easiest part to abuse and steal, since it is assembled-disassembled and leaves no trace anywhere.

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Budget, expenses

So, a scenography, which cost 60 million ALL a year ago, this year cost 140 million ALL. If we take these three items, this is the festival. So, rental equipment, payment for the guests and scenography, where two of the last items are doubled or tripled.

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Budget, expenses

The rest are the participating songs that we mentioned above, the artistic staff, the production staff, the technical staff, whose payments have been reduced compared to a year ago. So the entire expense has increased to the total amount for guest accommodation for rental vehicles, guest payments and scenography. The other voices are in descending order.

In fact, according to the data, the festival turns out to be about 150 million ALL more than that of the previous year.


CNA sent three official letters to the head of RTSH, director Alfred Peza and the chairman of the RTSH Governing Council, Mr. Leka Bungo, to give us these figures so that we would not make mistakes, be professional and not say why did you ask  Should we then have an official communication and a statement from Mr. Peza or Mr. Bungo about why these expenditure items have increased?

- Why should the festival cost about 30% more than the year before when it didn't leave a bigger mark?

-Why should so much expense be added for rental vehicles?

- Why should so much be spent to invite and why should the scenography be almost tripled when there was scenography with lower costs, in a shorter time and with extremely low values ??than what RTSH has done this year - that there was no scenography or any great success of this 62nd RTSH Festival?

There are many why?

Because at night it was seen that the hall of the Palace of Congresses was empty. 

An event of hundreds of millions of Lek in the hands of Alfred Peza and Leka Bungo with this table where you have it comparatively clarifying.

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival
Comparative table of expenses at the 62nd Song Festival

Also, as we noted, CNA filed letters for information, but we were denied information regarding this matter. Attacks were the answer. CNA will continue to publish more details and information about what happened with the RTSH Festival.

Also abuses and abuse of office by dismissing people from work as in cases of personal grudge, pleasure and harem, but these will belong to other writings.


Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival

CNA will now focus on the preventive expenses that we have available for the festival, on the expenses that have been incurred, on the items where there are suspicions that there are abuses and funds may have been stolen, as well as the other scandal that, with the departure of Alfred Peza, was almost asked to the value of the expenses for the festival was doubled to the value of 730 million lek.

It was then rejected by the Board from the Administrative Council led by Leka Bungo who reduced the value by a sum of ALL, but then approved a maximum increase of up to 650 million ALL. ( READ HERE )

There are rumors and due to various agreements, bargains and payments for the year-end (new year's) concert, payments which are being officially verified by the CNA staff, although to date we have not received an official response from RTSH- here is the Governing Council, i.e. from Alfred Peza and Leka Bungo.

Figures come out / Abuses with the 62nd RTSH Festival

So, hiding the documents and not returning the official answer on the figures and amounts used clearly show that there are substantial doubts that there were abuses and theft of funds, since the items are multiplied and almost more than half of the value of the festival, almost 70 -80% of the value covers the items we mentioned above, such as scenography, payments to guests, rental vehicles, participating songs, but also the artistic staff. ( READ HERE )

While the production staff, the technical staff, the selection committee of the festival, other essential expenses are considerably reduced.

This is in fact worth the deepening of the investigation on our part, but also the investigations of the responsible structures whether or not there is a criminal offense, theft, abuse of RTSH funds, with a certain scheme between the head of the Governing Council and the director of RTSH -s./ CNA

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