The teacher stops the students!/ The principal breaks the law and passes them

2024-02-15 22:53:00, Denoncim CNA

The teacher stops the students!/ The principal breaks the law and passes them

The show "Fiks Fare" brought the case of 5 students of the 8th grade in the "9-year" school of Maqellara in Peshkopi who were evaluated with grade 4 in the subject of "History" by the subject teacher at the end of the academic year and in the season of autumn, but which the director passed.

Teacher Shaban Elezi, who has been teaching history at that school for 21 years, says that it had never happened to him before that the principal left the student he had left behind. "My reputation in the classroom has fallen, I gave the children a test together with another colleague and they got a 4, now the principal passes them, they say let the teacher stay, the principal passes us", says Elezi.

The journalists of Fiksi demand an answer from the director of the school, Bilbil Lazri, who says that this situation happened in his school, and for this he had all the documents that he was going to send to the journalists, which did not happen.

In an interview for Fiksin, the director contradicts himself several times with what he says. "The test was difficult, so the students did not pass" says the director at first, later he says that "The test was written by hand" and for the last time he says that "We have not seen the test". So the school director, violating the normative provisions, has bypassed the subject teacher and evaluated the students in that subject with a passing grade.

In the normative provision of 2013, a law to which the director also refers, in chapter no. 5, article 21, it is clearly defined that the student is evaluated only by the subject teacher. Thus, a school director together with the school's ethics committee took powers outside the law, removing the subject teacher's right to evaluate students and taking them this power./ tch

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