"No" at graduation!/ The young man works as a postman, the institutions close their doors

2024-02-12 21:29:02, Denoncim CNA

"No" at graduation!/ The young man works as a postman, the

The story of Gazmir Muça is one of those that we hear a lot among young Albanians.

Gazmiri, a 29-year-old boy, graduated with excellent results from the Agricultural Institute for Forestry Engineering.

But he could not find any opportunity to enter the labor market. Gazmiri has decided to stay in Albania in the hope that he will honestly earn a job in the profession.

Gazmiri says that he has been interested in official requests, but has not received any response. Today he works as a postman in a private entity, but what he wants is a professional job.

Gazmir Muça: I finished my studies in 2023, currently also a Master of Science. Like many other young people who have chosen to leave for Europe and around the world, I chose to graduate here at UBT, obviously for a better future. The chances have been very slim, almost nil at all. We have sacrificed a lot to end this cycle.

Reporter: I saw that your results were very good?

Gazmir Muça: The passion was very great when I started studying for this craft.

Journalist: Where did you knock to look for your future in the profession?

Gazmir Muça: It's been two years since I left the Bachelor and the knocks have been almost on different doors, of the relevant directorates, Tirana Municipality. To date I have not been given the opportunity to find work in my trade. I have sent my CV several times to the Protected Areas, as well as to the APR part, but the answer has always been, I have to wait. There were vacancies, but how they were replaced is another matter. To make it problematic is because like my case there may be many young people who suffer this issue. Not being employed in trades, then we chose to work in a post office, trades completely outside the trade. As you can see, I continued working with a private mail.

The employee of the National Agency of Protected Areas tells Gazmir that there are currently no vacancies in this institution.

AKZM Tirana, employee:  Gazmir, I remember, because I also remember the request. We, here, have no human resources. We are a regional administration and hiring is done by the Agency, the General Director. Gazmiri has made a request and it is within the parameters, I do not question it at all, it is appreciated by Human Resources, the director. If any space is created, I don't mind, that...

Gazmir Muça:  Definitely yes, but we wanted to know the answer! I have left a request to the director, not once, but several times, and my request has not been returned to me at all, either positively or negatively. A recorded response, to tell me that we have no seats or…

AKZM Tirana, the employee:  Currently there is no job, absolutely, of course, there is not, because it is a structure of 22 people. They are environmental guards. 10 people are in the administration, 10 people are in the field./tvklan

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