Denunciation: Veliaj, the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator

2024-02-01 22:27:00, Denoncim CNA
Denunciation: Veliaj, the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator
Mayor Erion Veliaj

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj has revealed the actual owner of the Tirana incinerator, who continues to be paid even though he does not exist.

Ahmetaj said in an interview with Çim Peka that Mirel Mërtiri, described by SPAK as the "brain" of the incinerators, is not the owner of the Tirana incinerator.

According to him, the "head" is the mayor of the capital, Erion Veliaj.

He stated that it is the actions that make Veliaj the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator.

"Today I have a very firm belief that, in relation to the Tirana incinerator, Mërtiri is a victim. I firmly believe that Mirel Mërtiri is no longer the owner. They took it, they exiled him to take it from him. I am asking the journalists who hang out at SPAK, why an Albanian-Swiss businessman owns 40% of Tirana's incinerator. Besim Hoxha, he has letters. What did this company do, how did it get them and how did it pay them, what connections does it have with government officials and business in Albania. If you investigate, no one speaks. There is a reason no one is telling. I have read all this from Elvi Fundo, except for him no one mentioned this. He did not mention TCH.

What is this businessman. What connections, what business does he have in Albania. With whom he was connected, with whom he made transactions, who helped him get ARMO, what did he do with it, how was this 40% of Tirana's incinerator found. That it is the company that is related to the guarantee in Dubai, according to the letters issued by Kelliçi. I was surprised when I read Kelliç's letters and I was wondering who is behind this man. These are the reasons why I may have been threatened and will continue to be threatened even after this interview. Yes, the man dies once. Who has 40%? Yes, 20% in fiscal havens, who has it? They have disappeared Mirel Mërtir from Albania so that I can tell you to take his business and they have taken it. Mireli, in the interview with you, referred to me rightly, the concept of the actual owner.

Well, Erion Veliaj has ordered the incinerator of Tirana, the landfill of Tirana so that x, y, company does not pay. Is this not the action of a beneficial owner. Why double standards everywhere. Why two standards with Ahmetaj, an arrest warrant is required for 3 months. What was the danger I posed. Why Trump, Sarkozy, Beqja, Olta Xhaçka, I'm sorry, they are all being investigated in freedom and that's how it should be, I don't wish prison even for my enemies who entered my house. That it is a feudal concept. When the court decides, and I highly doubt it, because the system in Albania has been overturned. Today, instead of the prosecution being embarrassed by the court, today the judge is under pressure from SPAK. We live at the Tirana incinerator. Where are the 60 million? Go to Taulant Tusha, sorry, I had and have respect. These are ridiculous. Where are the 60 million? Why is there no answer where are the 60 million? Agree, were they invested there, where are 60 million, who received the television, for what campaign did they use it? Where are the accounts? Where are? In other words, if Tirana is investigated, the truth will come out. Why does it go around? What's the reason it goes around? Starting from January 1, I live where I live, in a house owned by the municipality of that city. This gallant who lives in luxury, in the villa. I live there in the place where I live, I officially live in a house owned by the municipality of that city", he emphasized./ CNA

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