Veliaj does not stop payments, millions for the non-existent incinerator of Tirana

2024-01-31 19:27:00, Denoncim CNA
Veliaj does not stop payments, millions for the non-existent incinerator of

The affair of the incinerators is one of the issues that former Prime Minister Sali Berisha denounced in his speech to the protesters on "Mustafa Matohiti" street.

Berisha accused the mayor Erion Veliaj of being a thief, while declaring that he is fining the citizens of Tirana with 29 euros for each ton of waste.

He said that Veliaj continues to pay the waste incineration fee at a time when not a single ton is burned.

Also, the chief democrat accused SPAK head Altin Dumani and SPAK prosecutor Arben Kraja as collaborators of Veliaj.

"This thief, protected by the binomial of the structured criminal group Dumani-Kraja, fines the citizens of Tirana 29 euros for each ton of waste, legal fees for burning them, at a time when not a single ton is burned.

Dear citizens, this thief, who was terrified by the bars of Tedi Blush, should be removed from that office not with bars, but with rags.

Take it to Duman, take it to Kraja to keep the thief for themselves, because they shared the money with him, 130 million euros just for the Tirana firecracker, and they haven't dared to ask him even once.

Dear friends, I hear the conflicting opinions about Duman.

But I say to these gentlemen, ask a question: How is it possible that this Dumani, in the indictment for Arbe Ahmetaj, who separated him from the procedure to protect Erion Veliaj and Edi Rama, mentions the name of Erion Veliaj 13 times.

And when the file of the arsonist of Tirana, for which 130 million euros were spent and there is no trace of him, went to court, there was never a single name of Erion Veliaj.

They ask him a little: Altin, what happened to you, did you get a bag with the chili money or did Edi Rama get a red card? Tell the Albanians and don't leave as an independent.

They ask you a little DUman, but you, who very rightly in the opinion of the minority asked for an investigation into Ilir Beqaj that was not even in the investigation, in fact, let's be realistic, a thief like Ilir Beqaj can only be Erion Veliaj, Blendi Gonxhe and Edi Rama. There is no other.

But the problem is that the theft so far, the abuse of Ilir Beqaj totals 76 million euros. And this one of Veliaj costs 130 million euros with Edi Rama. Then how come you don't make a minority note. It doesn't hold, they bought you, they put you under control. Truth catches the rabbit with the cart. Not power, the truth! That power is captured. The power is rotten here", emphasized Berisha./ CNA

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