"I don't know how to use the headquarters"/ The teacher in Rrogozhinë is fired from her job for political reasons

2024-01-30 21:34:05, Denoncim CNA

"I don't know how to use the headquarters"/ The teacher in

Mimoza Bidaj has been working in the kindergarten of Rrogozhina for 39 years and was the director of this kindergarten for 5 years after competing.

In 2023, the director of Education and Sports in Rrogozhinë municipality, Fatmir Meçe, requested the data of teachers Mimoza Bidaj, because the mayor wanted them for votes. After not providing the data, Bidaj was dismissed from office on the grounds that the appointment was not made according to the law.

She did not stay as an educator in that kindergarten, but moved to the kindergarten of Luz the Great. Mimoza came to the show "Stop" on TV Klan, because she wants to stay as an educator in the kindergarten of Rrogozhina, as it belongs to her. 

Mimoza Bidaj: I have been in the Rrogozhin kindergarten for 39 years, for 5 years I have been a kindergarten manager. On September 14, 2023, the Mayor of the Municipality, Edison Memolla, calls me, dismisses me as director and assigns me as an educator in Luz te Madh.

Journalist: With what motivation did you leave your job?

Mimoza Bidaj: Then, the motivation is because I was appointed by mistake, not based on the law.

Journalist:  According to the municipality?

Mimoza Bidaj: According to Edison Memolla, in the meantime, I was appointed by law when he was the chairman of the board, it was the education office, it was the late Haxhi Memolla himself, the former Mayor of the Municipality, and I won the competition.

Journalist: Now, according to the current mayor, how should your appointment be? So what are you missing from the legal appointment?

Mimoza Bidaj: This was done for political reasons, since the director, Fatmir Meçe, came to my kindergarten, asked me for the names of the educators, the phone numbers, because the headquarters is looking for them.

Journalist: And this is about, it happened for the elections, that is, for the campaign in April-May 2023, right?

Mimoza Bidaj: Yes, it is true.

Journalist: You were appointed to the kindergarten in Luz te Madh. Have you ever wanted to stay as an educator in the kindergarten where you were the director?

Mimoza Bidaj: I went to the mayor's office and told him. He told me that "I didn't do it, the director did it". I went to the director, the director did not receive me. Director Fatmir Meçe. So I don't know where to crash.

Journalist: What are you looking for from the show "Stop"?

Mimoza Bidaj: I want to return to the workplace. Nothing more.

Journalist:  As an educator?

Mimoza Bidaj: As a normal educator, definitely .

Through a registration carried out during the month of April 2023, before the elections of May 14, Fatmir Meçe requests the data of the educators for the mayor after the headquarters asks him, to know in which political direction they lean.

Fatmir Meçe: Pëpunoji said, there in the garden.

Headmistress: In the garden, those with Edison are, as they have always been. I will not make propaganda against Edison.

Fatmir Meçe: No, no. It is not propaganda. We know, he said, correctly. They ask for lists.

Headmistress: With lists... I can't give the names of educators. I don't think I even got the name they wrote there

Fatmir Meçe: No, not that you don't get your name.

Director: I don't take it upon myself.

Fatmir Mece: Who do we have that may not be with us, of these?

Principal: Now, they all say yes. Where do I know now?

Fatmir Meçe: Yes, the one I met is right-wing.

Headmistress: These have always been there. Even his very arrogant behavior with the educators.

Fatmir Meçe:  Whose?

Director: E Edison (Mayor).

Fatmir Meçe: So let's leave that conversation. I feel bad too, you know? Even the way he tells me I feel bad.

Headmistress: It imposes on you, then. It is an imposition that he makes.

Fatmir Meçe: I went out through the gardens I was in yesterday. You say to the other, you are saying to him with something... Now we are not a reed, the devil will eat it. Toads know it like they're on a football field. You're asking me, then. That I feel bad.

Headmistress: You are asking me...How can I say it? Can I give you the names of the educators? Did you get the name of the educators there?

Fatmir Meçe: I did not come up with the names of the educators. They will use this then get them on the phone. I know how to use the headquarters. He takes them on the phone: "Who are you going to vote for?" That's why they want, first name, last name, phone number, not a card.

Director: I do not give phone numbers to educators.

After no support was found from director Mimoza, the latter was dismissed from the position of director and placed as an educator in the kindergarten of Luz the Great./ tvklan

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