Crack in the KKB/Director, "fight" with the staff

2024-01-29 10:55:00, Denoncim CNA
Crack in the KKB/Director, "fight" with the staff
National Business Center (NCB)

Iris Ago, the commanding director of the KKB, has started a "war" with the staff of the institution she leads.

Ago is appointed as the head of the Directorate of Records and Analysis at the KKB, but also exercises the function of the director of the institution.

Sources from KKB told CNA that the director wants to take employees to a written exam, when she does not have this legal right. She has advanced by announcing the date when "breast" Irisi will put her "students" in the exam.

The written exam is actually the responsibility of the Department of Public Administration (DAP), for all those who receive civil servant status, or the written exam phase is passed at the time of employment.

Crack in the KKB/Director, "fight" with the staff
Iris Ago, commanding director of the KKB

However, the director, for her own pleasure, because of the anger and clashes she has with the staff (given that she is at a professional level below most of them), "fights" with the staff, putting pressure on them to go to unreasonable actions.

The director acts like a lawyer when in fact she is not. Since she has clashes with law enforcement staff, while demanding that things be done the way she wants, she has decided to take them to a written exam and then use this test according to her interests.

The same sources informed CNA that Iris Ago has also set the exam date. Specifically, the exam will be held at 10:00 a.m. on January 31.

The director wants to evaluate the employees as she wants and has a voice that does not implement her illegal orders, take measures or misuse this illegal exam as a hammer on her head.

Crack in the KKB/Director, "fight" with the staff

In this "war", she has her two "collaborators" by her side, Tea Qosen, who is her secretary at the Directorate of Records and Analysis, as well as Edita Papadhopulli. The latter was appointed to the Directorate of Taxes, but was delegated to the KKB institution as Ago's secretary.

In fact, the KKB is not an 8-year school, where they test how much you have learned in one semester, or a university exam, where you go out and teach the subjects.

In case the staff has a legal violation, there are measures defined by regulations and by law, not by exams that no one knows about.

The headmistress can't hold an exam as she pleases, come in the morning and act like a harsh teacher or lecturer, let's get together and do an exam, that's what I think.

In fact, it would be good if the director herself took part in the exam, because she probably wouldn't be able to pass the class, or she would do much worse than the staff of the KKB.

This is the "war" that has started in the KKB and the institution's professional staff, it is not like the institution's car that the director parks at home so that the guards don't steal the fuel./ CNA

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