Educators in the kindergarten of Rrogozhina, with diplomas outside the profile

2024-01-30 21:56:15, Denoncim CNA

Educators in the kindergarten of Rrogozhina, with diplomas outside the profile

Instruction number 30 of the Ministry of Education states that in urban areas, classes should be formed with no less than 20-25 children. In the Rrogozhina kindergarten, there are 10 educators for 129 children, that is, 1 educator for 13 children, where this is also a violation. Of these 10 educators, 5 are in violation with their appointments.

Ndriçim Mehmeti shows that to be a preschool education teacher, or as it is called a kindergarten teacher, you must have a bachelor's degree in preschool education and no other education is accepted, as it is stipulated by law. According to Mehmet, if there are no educators with the relevant education, they are taken from other cities.

Journalist: To be a kindergarten teacher, what education is required and is it allowed for an educator to have another education?

Ndriçim Mehmeti: To be a preschool education teacher, you only need a bachelor's degree in preschool education, but it is taxing to have a bachelor's degree, according to article 57, the teaching profession.

Journalist: Is it allowed in the case when we don't have educators in the relevant education?

Ndriçim Mehmeti: No, you have to find it, it doesn't matter. If the Municipality of Kamza is not there, it can take from the Municipality of Tirana, those who are on the waiting list. As long as you have made a portal and you have everyone registered.

Since 5 places in that kindergarten are occupied by educators appointed without criteria and outside the profile, Mimoza Bida with relevant education and experience has moved to Luz te Madh.

Ndriçim Mehmeti says that the law stipulates that if there is a place, he should be appointed there and the fact that he was taken away, is a trend after all the violations committed by the Rrogozhin Municipality.

Ndriçim Mehmeti: In the cases you presented, we have plenty of serious violations, where teachers were able to "take shelter" in preschool education institutions and the lady in question, who has all the education and all the criteria to be placed there , leaves somewhere far away. There seems to be a trend here, we're not talking about doing her a favor, but giving her what she deserves. The law has been clearly violated and clearly injustice reigns there over the application of the pre-university law and all the instructions derived from it. / tvclan

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