Fiks Fare/ 26 years to build the house with a certificate, it is demolished without any notification for a few days from the state

2024-01-31 21:44:00, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare/ 26 years to build the house with a certificate, it is demolished

A family that owned a 3-story house in Tirana is in open heaven.

The IKMT broke it on the grounds that it passes the Great Ring. Fiks Fare confirmed that state institutions reviewed the project and decided to scrap it. The VKM came out on December 20, 2023 and was published on January 8, 2024. The IKMT left a letter on the family's door on January 12 to destroy it on January 17. Then, the Inspectorate decided to destroy it on January 24, without notifying anyone!

Mr. complained to the newsroom of the investigative show. Latif Saraçi. When the Fiks group went to Kodra e Prifti in Tirana, where the informant's apartment was, they encountered dozens of IKMT employees. According to the whistleblower, IKMT inspectors only left him a notice, and even left the door open. With no other recourse, the employees decided to screw it up.

"This is the apartment, the certificate was obtained 8 years ago. I own it all. The ring fell off, as they say. They have been dealing with this Ring for 2 years. I have never been told that the house will be destroyed. We met for the first time when they posted a notice here on January 12 or 13, 2024. Today, after 10 days, they are demolishing my apartment without giving me money or another apartment," says the informant.

He further says that he has learned that they have estimated it at 600 euros per square meter. "This is the market price? Come on, if they give me time to remove the equipment. As you can see, I left them in the yard. On Monday, they told me it was Friday, yesterday they told me that they almost got on the phone, but I haven't heard a phone call today. They would give me 10 days, where to put the materials. I will put them in the neighbor's basement, thanks for letting me," he says.

Latifi says that he built the house from 1998 to 2013, where it was finished. "I worked as a refugee. All this may have gone 0. Not counting the stress. Wife unemployed. Here we live the fifth property. Two sons, a daughter and me and my wife. It is the work of a lifetime. That's how the confusion comes. Don't give me notice that this job has been talked about for 2 years. Hich, hich and bam, bam come. The notice was left on my door, attached," he claims.

Another family member says that the owner of the house worked as a manual laborer in Kazakhstan for 14 years. "And when it comes down to it, even today they don't give us a decision on demolition. They told me about VKM, but we don't know more. They give us time to find a house to rent. Not like this! No notification of any kind. It comes in 3 days and takes away the materials. How is it done today, you can't rent. The materials are of 3 floors, with bedrooms, kitchen. I don't understand how it is. Let's find a house for rent, where will I sleep tonight?", he says, as he shows that a dozen employees are coming to demolish.

After the complaint, Fiks Fare journalists ask IKMT inspectors whether or not they have an order to demolish the apartment. There are over 30 IKMT employees on the ground, but no one is identified as a leader. The journalists of Fiks Fare ask for the order to demolish this house, on what date it was received. Which manager received it and other details. No one answers! An employee addresses the journalists to an inspector, but he also says that "I am not authorized to inform you and you should go to the central directorate of IKMT". Fiksi asks him if all these inspectors who have come to the field have a decision to demolish the apartment of Mr. Saraci. None of them have such a decision.

The reporters follow the inspector who addressed him as the boss, but he leaves and does not want to give explanations. They ask him several times if he has the demolition decision and who gave it? When was it taken? Do these inspectors have a decision on what to destroy? He walks away and tries to escape the camera.

Fiks Fare learns that the IKMT went to that area with a list of the houses that should be demolished. It is only a document, issued on January 22, 2024, issued by the Directorate for the Implementation of Decisions. The document is named "demolition plan for the period January 22-26, 2024". The name of Mr. Latif Saraçi, where he writes two-story apartment. In fact, there is a 3-story apartment on the ground and not 2 as in this document. The address is the fourth lot at Kodra e Prifti. The number of the decision is "VKM 748 of December 20, 2023". The intervention date is January 24, 2024.

Meanwhile, from the verifications of Fiks Fare, it appears that the decision was taken on December 20, 2023, but was published only on January 8, 2024. Meanwhile, 4 days later in the apartment of Mr. Latif Saraçi has placed a notice from the IKMT, which states that it is in implementation of the VKM number 748. This VKM is entitled "for the expropriation for public interest, of the owners of real estate, private property, affected by the construction of the road segment "Review of the project for the road segment of the continuation of the Great Tirana Ring Road from Shqiponja Square - New Boulevard and the Requalification of the Eastern Ring Road for lots 4, 5, 6".

So it is about a review of the project. Residents of the area have always said that the project has undergone changes one after another, as some well-connected homeowners objected and influenced to change the route.

The document states that the object you own has been expropriated, as it is affected by the realization of the project in the public interest. It goes on to say that "the above we request from you by January 17, 2024 to take the measures and release the object". Even on the 17th, there will be an intervention. At the end, there are the names and signatures of the two inspectors. On the other side it is written that "Latif and Anife Saraçi were left in the building".

So, such an important decision for the demolition of the apartment was "left in place". The head of the family has not been notified so that he could take measures. Be it for finding an apartment for rent and for the materials. In the world, even in those dictatorial countries, the media have shown videos and photos of how families have refused to leave their homes. In fact, the project was implemented, but without affecting their property, leaving the apartments in the form of a "pocket". However, in our country, private property is destroyed for several days. Without any notice, despite the fact that it is clearly written in the Constitution that "after life, property is the second to be protected"./ tch

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