Stop/ "Yours didn't go. I'll kill my sister!" The £30,000 scam for English documents

2024-01-31 21:14:22, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ "Yours didn't go. I'll kill my sister!" The

A citizen from Fieri addressed the show "Stop" on TV Klan, to denounce a fraud. His brother has been living in the English state for several years, without documents. He meets Mirvjen Nino from the city of Berat and the latter promises him English documents.

Mirvjen Nino asked the informant's brother for 30,000 pounds and the way they would do the documents was through a fake marriage, which never happened.

Complainant: I have a brother in England and I wanted to do the English documents. My brother was staying with a guy from Berat and he recommended him to a person called Mirvjen Nino. He made documents through his daughter, that he has a lawyer there. He said that "you will give me the money, that is 30 thousand pounds, and some money will go to the woman we will find. A woman will be found to be paid and a fake marriage will take place and then we will continue the procedures and make the documents".

Journalist: So, the documents would be made through marriage, while how much would the person who would get married receive and how much would the gentleman who would make it possible to make the documents possible?

Complainant: According to this guy who recommended her to us, 10,000 pounds was taken by this girl, and the rest, reston, was left to him. The brother contacted him and they let him make the payment, 30 thousand pounds. "Halfs", he said, "I will give to my sister in Tirana". It is 15 thousand pounds, I gave him 17 thousand and 500 euros, because that was the course and 15 thousand pounds was given to him by his brother over there in England.

Journalist: When did you make the payment?

Whistleblower: We did it in 2020, it was before the pandemic. He gave the excuse that "it's the pandemic, they were late", then he said that he wouldn't do it that way and asked his brother for the Italian identity card, to convert it from the card to English documents. Vajti gave the thumbs up, he also paid the visa fee, in the end they didn't give it to him because it wasn't legal.  

Journalist: Why didn't the marriage take place?

Complainant: Yes, it didn't happen because the time of the pandemic passed and he couldn't find a girl.

Reporter: So, both ways failed. What happened next, did you ask for the money?

The whistleblower: Then he admitted himself that "I can't do it and I tried. I did it to others, but I didn't do it to some", even then we decided to return the money.

After the procedure was not carried out, it was the interested person who asked for the money back, the amount of 30 thousand pounds, and in the meantime Nino promised to return this amount, but this promise took years and the money has not yet been returned to god

Complainant: Years passed and we could not report him because the brother is without documents. He used to put pressure on people, if he didn't do his job he would go and report to immigration. He gave the address to them so that they could return it, so that he would tire the people, even if he did not give the money.

Journalist: How long has he promised you that he will return your money?

Whistleblower: It's been two years, from 2022 until now. I need help to get my money back. That's all I ask, please help me.  

We tried several times to contact Mirvje Nino to make an appointment, but it was impossible. And yet, in the communication that the citizen from Fieri had with Mirvjen Nino, the promise that the money will be returned continues, even though the reality is different, because the money has not yet been returned.

Mirvjen Nino: It's not up to me. Now, will you listen to me for two minutes? As I have you, others have me. Do you know? We have a couple of entrances, we will sell them, we will do them, I am dealing with these works. I did not leave without closing these conversations, for myself, then for you. That it will be resolved is not discussed, because you are in your right.

Citizen: For 30 thousand pounds you become, you say, yourself. For 30 thousand pounds do these things?

Mirvjen Nino: Hey, we're stuck, man, we're stuck!

Citizen: Why are you blocked? You bought all those lands in Dhërmi and you were not blocked. 

Mirvjen Nino: They were bought earlier. I'm not lying to you. We will get out of the situation .

Citizen: What about you, how many times have you said until the end of the month? When will we meet to talk exactly, to set a date?

Mirvjen Nino: They pushed me too. I will tell you myself when we meet, that these days I am very, very busy.

Anyway, nothing is impossible for the "Stop" show, since the meeting with Mirvjen Ninon took place. After the latter spoke about his daughter's true wealth and job position, he set a date for the return of the money.

Mirvjen Nino: You couldn't do the job... For 30,000 pounds, you become yourself? I have 100 thousand Lek, bread.

Citizen: You also have wealth...

Mirvjen Nino: Here, my brother will tell you. I have 10 million euros in wealth and no one believes me... Here, let your brother tell you what I have done. As for the work of... I have some 7-8 other people that I expected to give the money back and I don't... I have assets and no one trusts me and I'm taking loans.

Citizen : Can't your daughter help you?

Mirvjen Nino: There are hours, but many, many things have been broken that need time to be fixed.

Citizen:  Where do you work?

Mirvjen Nino: In the "Home Office" (Department of the Ministry of the Interior in England). To one from Patos who entered for two people, I returned the money for two people and many, many others.

Citizen: You said you will sell an entry. I want the money.

Fraudster: Here is the villa, in Dhërmi, and I will give it to the bank. I will leave a guarantee. The bank will take it and give the money to me. On Tuesday I will say that…

Citizen: Will you give me an answer?

Mirvjen Nino : Correct. Correct, that the bank will give me in such and such a day. I have made some 34 cards. Yours didn't work. With my sister!

Citizen:  34 out of 30 thousand

Mirvjen Nino: Not 30 thousand, because I don't get 30 thousand. 15 are taken by women. I would have become the boss!

Of course, this would be the next fraud, since on Tuesday, Mirvjen Nino had a problem with the bank and the money has not yet been returned to its owner./ tvklan

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