How much and who stole the money from the soil in the Tirana incinerator?

2024-02-06 14:36:00, Denoncim Elvi FUNDO
How much and who stole the money from the soil in the Tirana incinerator?
The incinerator of Tirana

The affair of the Tirana incinerator has a total value accepted by all, but at the signing of the contract on August 31, 2017, a 6-year project has begun to be implemented in relation to the landfill for the processing of waste in the Tirana incinerator.

According to the data declared by the company itself and the official data provided by Taxes, the amount that the state has transferred to the concessionaire company is over 60 million euros or approximately 70 billion ALL.

We emphasize that, for several years, the municipality of Durrës District has been added to the landfill of Tirana.

The second value is that of soils, where according to the calculations of experts and the declarations of the Tirana landfill construction companies, the cost for 1 m² of construction has increased by 10-15 euros m², which means based on data from the Municipality of Tirana for 6 years, we are talking about more than 5 million euro m² of construction.

A simple multiplication gives us an average figure for the company that goes from another 50-60 million euros and these are famous sums of land.

Millions of euros are initially paid by the private business within the builders and this payment was not part of the concession contract.

So for those who wonder when the contract for the management of the Tirana landfill and incinerator was signed with Minister Lefter Koka and the Albanian government on behalf of the Tirana District, there is no line about the lands.

An issue that is not addressed because they consider the private-private relationship, but in fact the state institutions were used as a gang to steal the business. The cost for the soils was clean soil 4 euros m³ and other waste 8 euros m³.

But this is only the value that you paid to the company while the soil was transported with their own vehicle, so the private companies have the oil, the consumption and the cost. 

The municipality of Tirana, after the company's first contract for the landfill signed by Koka, signed a second contract itself as an addition without passing it to any government institution first.

Construction companies pay the municipality some cleaning taxes, infrastructure tax, special school tax, plus 29 euros/ton that the Municipality of Tirana has set for the landfill.

Why should builders pay additional tax?

Several questions arise:

- Was the payment for the land part of the contract?

No and no. This is well known by every official of the Albanian state, including the opposition and the incinerator media.

The second question that is asked:

- How is the price of the land set?

-Who set the price?

-Is there an analysis of the cost of this award?

Because according to the data, the concession company has taken hundreds of thousands of square meters of state land, without paying a penny, the builders themselves took the land at their own costs, with their own tools.

What did they have to pay the company that actually used the soil in the waste encapsulation processes in the landfill?

How much and who stole the money from the soil in the Tirana incinerator?

29 euros per ton from the municipalities, because Durrës has also been added. Infrastructure tax, education tax, cleaning tax for businesses and land tax. This tax was not collected by the government, nor by the municipality, but was given directly to the concessionaire.

Is this an illegal tax that served to fill the accounts of Mertir and Zoto, businessmen, officials connected to the SP dome?

A land tax for which the Environmental Inspectorate and the Municipal Police were chasing after them, with money paid in sacks by the people of Zoto and Mürtir or by themselves, or in other cases when you had two buildings under construction to transfer the land from building A in B, so in order to use them for his own benefit, the same subject again had to pay tens and hundreds of thousands of euros to Zoto and Mërtiri because the drone was flying over his vehicles, the Municipal Police was rushing, the Environmental Inspectorate was rushing.

How is it possible for the entire state to stand up and segments of the municipality for business to fill the accounts of Zoto and Mërtir using hundreds of thousands of square meters of state property as a wastebasket?

This is business persecution. This could be one of the most delicate points that SPAK has to find out where the Tirana incinerator's money has gone.

A torn sack that the government filled with the money it gave to the municipalities and the extraordinary illegal tax it imposed on the construction companies.

This is a fact. Without going further to the amounts of soil officially declared, which according to the latest analyzes of experts, are not the same as the actual situation, since the amounts found in the landfill are much larger.

This raises suspicions that they may have entered with tens or thousands of trucks who paid with bags and these bags are then suspected to have gone to finance the media, politicians, individuals or even money from Tirana to the Fier incinerator or luxury expenses with yachts and charters.

Perhaps this will be the most difficult track of SPAK to find the true value of the income that Tirana's incinerator company Integrated Energy BV SPV has had, but the fact is that an extraordinary illegal tax that was not part of the contract the concessionaire has been put into business by taking tens of millions of euros to the management company without first having a cost analysis and not included as an article in the contract, which clearly shows that the price of the land has been set as a corrupt tax./ CNA


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